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Ever Wondered if It is Better to Sleep Naked ?

By Neecey

What do you wear to bed? To me there is nothing like slipping into a freshly made bed naked to feel the crisp sheets and duvet cover (comforter?) against my skin. I have slept naked since I was a teenager (although not for a couple of years when I had a sleepwalking phase. There was one night when … that’s a different story!) Although I do it out of preference, I love that there are actually some great benefits of sleeping naked.

1 It Can Increase Intimacy

One of the benefits of sleeping naked if you have a partner is that it can do wonders for increasing your intimacy as a couple. This does not necessarily have to relate to anything sexual (though of course it can if you so wish!), but the feel of skin to skin contact can be very therapeutic and comforting, especially under the warmth of a cozy comforter. Sleeping naked can make you feel a bigger sense of togetherness than wearing multiple layers.

2 Healthier Skin

Our skin is always at its healthiest when it gets a lot of fresh air. Sleeping naked allows all of the skin on your body to breathe freely without the constraints of pajamas. We get very warm over the course of the night, and our sweating bodies combined with the layers of our sleepwear can have the potential to cause skin irritation like rashes or dryness by the morning. Sleeping naked, even for a couple of nights a week, can have a positive impact on your skin.


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3 Improves Sleep

When we go to sleep, our body temperature lowers in a natural manner, but this is not always the case depending what kind of pajamas you usually like to wear. The warmer your body is under the covers, the more likely you are to experience sleep problems ranging from irritability to lack of comfort to even insomnia. However, this does not happen if you choose to sleep naked. With just the adjustably warmth of your duvet over you, your naked body finds it easier to regulate temperature, allowing for a better night’s sleep.

4 Let Your Vagina Breathe!

We all know that a woman’s vagina is the perfect environment for spreading bacteria due its humid and warm nature, and this can be further exacerbated if you sleep with tight fitting pajamas or even underwear. By sleeping with no clothes on whatsoever, you are giving your downstairs area much needed time to breathe. When you think about it, the night time is really the only opportunity you have to not wear close fitting material over that area.

5 Improves Blood Pressure

Any kind of underwear and sleepwear that doesn’t let the blood flow smoothly and freely over the body is not recommended. Sleeping naked allows your muscles, heart and brain to get an unrestricted flow of circulation that can really improve your blood pressure.

6 Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Feeling a little bit cooler at night works to decrease your blood sugar levels, which in turn helps you to have a better metabolism and aids in your body’s fight against the risk of type 2 diabetes. An increased metabolism can also help with other issues like obesity and heart disease.

7 You Feel Free!

Aside from all the medical benefits, sleeping naked can really give you an invigorating sense of freedom that you may have forgotten when all covered up in your pajamas and dressing gown. There is something almost primitive about it, and it goes to ancient times when people believed that is you didn’t sleep naked, you were unable to dream!

8 ImproVes Metabolism

Sleeping naked activates brown fat to keep you warm and regulate body temperature in colder rooms.

9 Balances Hormones

Sleeping naked allows your body to cool down which decreases cortisol, increases growth hormones, and balance melatonin. All of these combined helps the body have better sleep patterns and has even been known to reduce anxiety, food cravings, and stress.

10 It's Easier

No more buying PJ's or having loads of laundry to wash and put away so you save money while benefiting your health in the process! :)

Are you ready to shuck off your jim-jams to sleep in the buff?

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