9 Extraordinary Rare Phobias and Their Meaning ...

Phobias are not uncommon – we all probably have one of the well-known fears, such as spiders, dogs or balloons. It´s possible to have a phobia about all kinds of things though – what might seem normal to you could be a source of extreme fear to another person. Here are some extraordinary rare phobias and their meanings …

1. Limnophobia

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In the north-west of England lies the beautiful Lake District – beautiful, that is, if you are not a limnophobe. Perhaps a fear of lakes has some point to it, given how dangerous they can be …

2. Chirophobia

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All phobias are difficult to deal with, but a fear of hands must make life extraordinarily complicated, given that we all possess them. So, not only is the chirophobe afraid of one of their own body parts, but something that is visible in everyone they encounter.

3. Rhytiphobia

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This is a rare phobia in the sense that the word is pretty much unknown, and yet a lot of women appear to suffer from it. It´s a phobia of wrinkles. Perhaps it is not correct to say that many women are phobic about wrinkles, just bothered by them, but considering the willingness to undergo surgery and cosmetic procedures, you have to wonder.

4. Barophobia

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Here´s another rare phobia that must make like very difficult – it´s a fear of gravity. Since gravity is a undeniable part of physics, we can´t really do without it …

5. Logizomechanophobia

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As the world changes, new phobias are named accordingly. This is a fear of computers, and while plenty of people are nervous of computers, the number who are truly phobic must be comparatively few.

6. Theophobia

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Atheism is hardly unknown, but having a phobia about gods is more obscure. Fortunately, you´re not likely to run into a group of gods, but as with any phobia, it doesn´t have to be likely to exist.

7. Peladophobia

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Most men aren´t very happy when they go bald, but a peladophobe would be truly terrified to encounter a bald head. So you can only imagine how awful it would be for a peladophobe to go bald.

8. Chaetophobia

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The chaetophobe has the opposite problem to the peladophobe, being afraid of hair. As with the hand phobic, hair is pretty difficult to avoid seeing, so a chaetophobe must experience extreme difficulty in dealing with others.

9. Kleptophobia

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The general meaning of this phobia is easy to guess – we´ve all heard of kleptomania. Those who suffer from this phobia can be afraid of one aspect or the other. Some fear becoming the victim of theft, while others are afraid that they will do the stealing.

People sometimes laugh at those with phobias, especially a rare phobia. It´s really not kind though, as the fear is very real to the sufferer. So, though we may find it extraordinary that someone could be afraid of their own hand, it´s not something that they can control. A rare phobia or a common one has the same effect. Do you have a common or rare phobia, or have you managed to overcome one?

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