Fat: a Love Story ...

There has been a steady new alternative to breast implants that will get many women very excited. Are you ready? Natural Breast Enhancement and it's already gaining in popularity. So how is this better then breast implants and how does it work? That's what this article will focus on.

So we're all familiar what breast implants do. They are basically water balloons filled with salt water that is suppose to make you more confident and get the guy's attention in the process. Unfortunately breast implants are the most dangerous cosmetic procedure you could ever go through. Implants suffer from a long list of safety hazards such as staph infection, implant leakage and now shockingly linked to lymphoma. Even if you get by that you'll most likely return to surgery due to implant's short lifespan. Replacing your implants every 10 years or less isn't very appealing for a boob job.

Now this is where natural breast augmentation comes in. Also known as Fat Transfer to Breast, the procedure involves the use of one thing only, your own fat. That's right, the fat hanging from your arms, legs and stomach can be used to enlarge your breasts. The fat is harvested via liposuction (YES, free liposuction). hundreds of patients have tried natural breast augmentation with amazing results. In fact, there have been confirmed reports that patient's experienced fat growth in their breasts due to the procedure.

Now what's the catch right? absolutely nothing, none, nada. the procedure is significantly safer than implants. No cuts, no incisions. There is no risk of rejection since you're redistributing your own fat where you like it. Women can now breathe a sigh of relief especially those who don't like the idea of going under the knife. Fat is now a woman's best friend believe it or not. This alternative to implants is attracting many breast surgeons in the industry as well. There are no limits with fat transfer, lean women do exceptionally well too.

So cut your love handles some slack and don't feel guilty about that doughnut in your hand either. Just think to yourself. It's all for a good cause. ;)

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