8 Eye Opening Facts to Help You Quit Smoking ...


8 Eye Opening Facts to Help You Quit Smoking ...
8 Eye Opening Facts to Help You Quit Smoking ...

If you are a ‘happy smoker’ then continue on puffing away, but if you desperately want to stop smoking then checkout some facts to help you quit smoking. I regretfully started smoking when I was 17 and after 12 whole years of not being able to kick it, I am finally free. Far from highlight horrific statistics to try to scare you into quitting (which we all know don’t really work) I want to share 8 eye opening points from the book that helped me find my freedom, Allen Carr’s "Easyway To Stop Smoking." Check out why this book has been a #1 Best Seller in ten countries and has sold over 13,000,000 copies worldwide all through word of mouth… here are 8 facts to help you quit smoking.

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It is Purely an Addiction to Nicotine

Just like a junkie is addicted to heroine, or an alcoholic, alcohol, smokers are addicted to nicotine. The only reason that people smoke is because they are addicted to the nicotine that is contained in every single cigarette; this is one of the most important facts to help you quit smoking. After someone smokes their first cigarette due to peer pressure, curiosity or stupidity, every cigarette that follows afterwards is smoked in order to alleviate the nicotine cravings that are now in your body from the one smoked before.


It Makes You Think

Would you wear tight shoes all day just so you could feel the relief of taking them off in the evening? That is what smoking is like. We smoke only to relieve our cravings so we can feel ‘okay’ again. Why wear the shoes (smoke) at all?


The ‘every Now and then Smoker’

For years I was frustrated at the fact that I couldn’t just smoke a single cigarette here or there, or save it solely for the weekends. I had friends who were proud to say that they only smoked occasionally and would almost boast how little they could smoke. In his book Allen Carr questions why someone would feel the need to boast about how little they do something or can go without something unless it was something that they themselves wish they didn't do. When was the last time you heard your friend boasting about how much she likes yoga but how she restricts herself to only one class every two weeks? People need to boast how little they can smoke because regardless of how frequent or rarely they do, at the end of the day they are addicted to nicotine.


The ‘Happy’ Smoker

The next time you meet a smoker who insists that they enjoy smoking and wouldn't give it up for the world, ask them if they would want their kids to become smokers. No smoker would wish smoking upon anyone, most of all their children. No smoker ever smoked their first cigarette and thought, "Woo-hoo I am going to smoke cigarettes for the rest of my life." We all smoked them and thought, "This tastes like crap! I’ll never get hooked on this rubbish."


Tricky Business

Smoking is a cunning trick because when you begin you think you will never get hooked and can take it or leave it, yet all the while your body is becoming addicted to the nicotine. You promise you’ll never get to the point where you are buying packs and smoking by yourself. By the time you realize you are hooked you are just like all the other smokers who you said you would never become.


What about before?

If the thought of quitting smoking daunts you and you are certain that you will not be able to survive a day let alone a lifetime without them, then ask yourself how you managed all those years before you started smoking? You didn't need them then and you most certainly do not need them now.


It’s the Social Side

If you say you smoke because of the social aspect then ask yourself when was the last time one of your smoking friends said to you, "Hey, lets go to such and such a place and smoke for the day – it will be great." What about before you were a smoker, how did you manage socially then? And what is social about paying out of your behind to pollute the air and go home stinking like an ashtray?


Screws with Your Head

How many times have you caved and broken your attempt to quit smoking and immediately regretted it afterwards? Smoking is a sinister trap in which whilst you are in it you wish you were free and when you are ‘free’ you wish you were in it again. It is all about changing your mentality towards smoking and seeing it for what it really is; a drug addiction.

Since Allen Carr released his ‘magic book’ in 1983 he has helped free thousands of smokers worldwide, unfortunately Mr. Carr passed away in 1996 but his work continues. His method is over 10 ten times more effective than using nothing and four times more effective when using nicotine substitutes. I sound like I am Allen’s proud Aunt or something, when really I am just super proud that I have stopped smoking and want to share what worked for me with you all. Has anyone else tried Easyway or is anyone hoping to quit soon?

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