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7 Important Facts about Alcohol ...

By Marquitta

As Summer begins, so does the crazy fun; all the more reason to keep in mind the important facts about alcohol. When you're out having a great time with your friends, it's easy to let your guard down and drink a little too much. Knowing a few things about alcohol before you drink will help you decide whether to drink or how much you'll drink when you go out with your friends. Below are 7 important facts about alcohol that I hope you find helpful!

1 It Costs More than Textbooks

As a college student, I'd like to say that the Textbook Struggle is real! Since I've been in school I've probably spent over $3000 for books! Did you know that college students spend more on alcohol than they do on books? Imagine spending $3000 on alcohol. It sounds outrageous but it's true! You spend more money than you think! This is one of the most important facts about alcohol that I think the college students will appreciate knowing. Start keeping track of how much you spend on alcohol and ask yourself, "Can I afford it?"

2 It Has Social Effects

Apart from the perception of more fun and a heightened level of coolness, alcohol has serious and dangerous social effects. The use of alcohol greatly increases the likelihood of date rape or unprotected sex, which can result in pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

3 It's a Depressant

There are so many times where I hear an upset, frustrated, or sad person say "I need a drink." I'm sure you've heard that as well. Did you know that alcohol is a depressant!? A depressant is a substance that lowers or depresses arousal levels and reduces excitability. If you're looking for fun or a mood boost, try exercising and eating foods high in Vitamin D.

4 It Takes about 30 Minutes to Sink in

Some people like to drink and keep drinking until they feel something. If that's your goal, you should probably know that it takes about a half hour for alcohol to affect the system. Just because you don't feel anything within the first 10 minutes, that doesn't mean you have a high tolerance level.

5 It Can Lead to Alcoholism

Believe it or not, anyone can develop alcohol problems. Sometimes we like to believe we're incapable of having problems, but that's far from the truth. People don't just wake up and say, "Hey I think a want to be an alcoholic," it just happens. Don't let your guard down by believing you're invincible.

6 The Younger You Start, the More Likely the Problems

When you begin drinking at a young age, drinking problems are more likely. Alcoholism doesn't have to run in the family in order for you to be affected by it. As said before, anyone can develop alcohol problems, especially young people.

7 Alcohol-related Accidents Are the #1 Killer of Teens

Accidents caused by alcohol are extremely common, and it's sad that it's also the top killer of teens. It's important to keep that in mind before deciding to drink and before considering riding with friends who've been drinking. 1.4 million teens are injured every year because of alcohol use, so be careful not to be in that number.

I hope you learned something new about alcohol. Now you can make an informed decision for yourself. Do you have any alcohol safety tips or more facts about alcohol that weren't mentioned in the article? Please share! We'd love to hear from you!

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