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8 Fabulous Hints on Foot Care ...

By Alison

Following tips on foot care is more important than you might realise. We tend to ignore our feet, as if they don't matter. Treat them well, though, as foot problems aren't much fun (think of how uncomfortable you feel if your shoes rub). The right foot care techniques keep your feet healthy, happy, and feeling fine. They will look great, too! So here are some excellent foot care tips to keep them in great condition.

1 Barefoot

Obviously going barefoot isn't so pleasant in the colder weather (unless you have a very warm house). Whenever you can, though, take off your shoes and socks, and walk around barefoot. It's really good for them - wearing shoes all the time isn't what they're designed for.

2 Dry Thoroughly

Many foot care tips are quite easy to follow, you just have to think about them. Whenever you shower, swim or bathe, make sure that you dry your feet thoroughly. This will help prevent any fungal problems developing. Pay especial attention to drying between the toes, which are easy to miss. If you want, use talc, but it's not essential.

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3 Limit Heels

Most women like wearing heels at some point, but you'll be doing your feet a big favour if you limit your use of high heels. Overuse can cause a number of foot problems, so try not to wear them for too many hours. You should also alternate between wearing higher and lower heels, with time devoted to flats as well.

4 Moisturise

One of the tips on foot care that's often overlooked is that your feet need to be moisturised. As well as using lotion on your hands every day, be sure to give your feet a moisturising treat as well. It'll help prevent the dry, flaking skin that doesn't make your feet look too good!

5 Pumice

There probably isn't a single person who doesn't get hard skin on their feet. So when you're looking for tips on foot care, remember to get a pumice stone and use it regularly. It'll help keep your feet soft, especially if you follow it up with a good application of moisturiser.

6 File

You probably use an emery board on your fingernails, but you can also use one to keep your toenails tidy. It's important to file them straight across, rather than at an angle. Keep them short, so that they don't snag your pantyhose or socks. Make sure you file them smoothly as well, since rough edges snag too.

7 Workout

Our feet work incredibly hard, carrying around the weight of our body all day. Depending on your job, you may do a lot of walking without realising. So give your feet a mini workout - flex them and rotate your ankles. They'll feel a lot more comfortable if you do this regularly.

8 Massage

One of the nicest foot care tips is to give your feet a massage. Of course, it's even better if you can get someone else to do it, but if you don't have a partner, massaging your own feet is still pretty nice. Use your thumbs and your knuckles to work over the soles of your feet - they'll feel great afterwards!

It's really important not to neglect our feet - they are taken for granted, but looking after them will pay off. It not only feels nice, but will help keep them in great condition. If you have a medical condition like diabetes, it's even more important that you address any foot problems. Do you have any super tips on foot care that you can share?

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