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Because acupressure is an ancient healing art, there are many facts about acupressure. Acupressure developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago, and it has been used ever since as a way to promote healing. It can be used for a variety of problems, including stress related ailments, issues with pain, low immunity, and tension. Acupressure is performed by pressing on specific healing points for a certain length of time, and it can be done by anyone, including yourself. However, one of the facts about acupressure is that it does require a fair amount of knowledge to be done correctly.

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Similar to Acupuncture

One of the facts about acupressure is that it is similar to acupuncture. Acupressure and acupuncture use the same pressure points and meridians. The only major difference is that one uses pressure while the other uses needles. Due to the lack of needles, acupressure may be more appealing to some people.



Traditional Chinese Medicine operates under the principle that chi, life energy, flows along meridians in the body. If chi is blocked, imbalances and diseases can result. Acupressure is used to unblock chi. The acupressure points are found along the meridians and they are pressed in an effort to get chi flowing again.



Acupressure can be administered by almost anyone, but it does have to be done in a specific way to work. To begin, pressure is placed on a specific point, and it is held for thirty seconds to two minutes. The pressure is gradually increased during that length of time, and then during the last thirty seconds the pressure is gradually decreased. This is usually repeated between three to five times on the same pressure point.


Helps with Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem, and many people suffer for years with pain. There are many different methods to relieve back pain, one of which is acupressure. Acupressure works by relaxing the muscles in the back, and it can be very useful. In fact, a study done in 2006 found that acupressure is more effective at relieving low back pain than physical therapy!


Beauty Treatment

Did you know that acupressure can be used as a beauty treatment? The Chinese have used acupressure for many years as a way to maintain a youthful appearance by decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. Acupressure decreases wrinkles by improving muscle tone and improving circulation.


Helps with Emotion

One of the side benefits of acupressure is that it helps with pent-up emotions. Tight muscles can be caused by emotional imbalances, and when these muscles are released the emotions can be released as well. It is not uncommon for old feelings to resurface during an acupressure session. When they do resurface, people can deal with their emotions and find a resolution.



As beneficial as acupressure is, there are certain safety concerns that you should be aware of. To start with, acupressure should never hurt during a session. If you do experience pain during a session, you should have the person immediately stop. Additionally, people with osteoporosis, bleeding disorders, and those who bruise easily should avoid acupressure. It can be done by someone who has a lot of experience, but people with these conditions need to be very careful.

Acupressure has been around for thousands of years, and it has a lot of benefits. Seeing someone who is qualified to perform acupressure is a great way to get rid of nagging aches and pains. You can also learn how to perform acupressure on yourself to receive the same benefits at home. Are you interested in learning how to perform acupressure?

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Acupressure, acupuncture, and NAET. All extremely effective and addicting. A good addiction to have though :)

I have Fibromyalgia and Interstitial Cystitis so Acupressure hurts me really bad. I experimented with it a couple years ago. we did it twice a week for a month and I only left the house during that time for acupressure and acupuncture. I was so sore and in so much pain from acupressure that I was not functional. ill never do it again. if you are sensitive to PAIN, acupressure May not be for you but you cant hate or love something until you try it to know

Pain full

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