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7 Reasons You Don't Need Breast Implants ...

By Alison

If you're tempted to have surgery to boost the size of your breasts, you should always consider that there are many reasons you don’t need breast implants. However much you long to have larger breasts, it's essential to look at the arguments against. Any surgery is risky, and you may not end up with the results you were hoping for. Here are some of the reasons you don’t need breast implants …

1 Identity

One of the reasons you don’t need breast implants is that it's not emotionally healthy to depend on having a fuller bust. Lots of women convince themselves that they would feel happier if they had larger breasts. But should your identity really revolve around the size of your breasts? Focus on boosting your self-esteem instead.

2 May Grow

Another reason to decide against having implants is that you may not have reached your full breast size yet. So if you're adolescent then wait and see - you may be surprised at how much your breasts grow! If you're underweight then gaining a few pounds may help increase your bust size.

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3 Surgery is Risky

Every surgery carries some risks, although most are successful. But having breast implants is not an operation that is essential for your health. Is it really worth taking the chance of complications, just so that you can have bigger breasts? You could have infections, leaks and scarring …

4 Size Isn't Everything

So what if you have smaller breasts? I'm an A cup and although it's seen as desirable to have larger breasts I've never been bothered by my small size (they fit my small frame). I don't feel any less feminine because of them, and neither should you. Besides, women with larger breasts can find them uncomfortable, so the grass isn't always greener in the other bra …

5 Surgery Obsession

If you did have your breasts increased surgically, you might be delighted that you've finally got the breasts you wanted. However, it's common for women to transfer their discontent with their breasts to another body part once they've 'corrected' their perceived flaw. Having implants could put you on a slippery slope to having more and more surgery, and never being happy with your appearance.

6 Conforming

Wanting implants could be down to expectations of what a woman should look like. We're given the message that in order to be attractive to men, we should have fuller breasts. Do you really want implants for yourself (and what difference would it really make to you), or do you want to be seen as sexier and more feminine?

7 Self-Respect

Finally, rather than investing your breasts with the ability to make you happy or unhappy, you should make your self-respect about your intellectual and practical achievements. If other people judge you by the size of your breasts, that is wrong. Learn to be happy with yourself and not obsess over your body.

There's very rarely any medical reason to have breast implants (perhaps only to restore shape after mastectomy). Reasons such as wanting to be a glamor model are really not a good reason - does this justify putting yourself through surgery and recovery? Nobody has the perfect body, so get used to the one you've got. There's nothing wrong with it. How do you feel about cosmetic surgery?

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