9 Fitness Tips for Beginners Every Girl Should Know ...


9 Fitness Tips for Beginners Every Girl Should Know ...
9 Fitness Tips for Beginners Every Girl Should Know ...

If you’re just warming up to the idea that fitness is keen, welcome to the club… we’re so glad you’re here! Being fit and healthy go hand-in-hand, but I know the process can be daunting. What to do, and when, and how? What fitness tips for newbies should you know? I can help. I embraced fitness a few years ago, and I remember how confusing and overwhelming it can be. Here are 9 fitness tips for beginners every girl should know. Lace up your trainers and let’s go!

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You’ll Need 5 Types of Fitness

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? There are five basic pieces of a complete fitness regimen: cardio, weight-bearing, non weight-bearing, stretching, and weight training. These five pieces can be combined, too — for example, if you’re running, that counts as cardio and as weight-bearing exercise. Swimming laps can be cardio and non weight-bearing exercise.


You Can’t Work Just One Body Part

Contrary to popular myth, it’s not possible to “bust belly fat” or get rid of fat in just one part of your body. If only, right? You can tone muscle groups, but not one specific region… and to do that, you’ll also need to eat a healthful diet, with lean protein, loads of fresh fruits and veggies, and wholesome whole grains.


It Doesn’t Have to Be the Gym

No worries, love. You don’t have to become a gym rat to be fit! This is a fitness tip for beginners that usually evokes a sigh of relief — it’s totally possible to get and stay fit without setting one sneakered foot in the gym. Invest in some good DVDs (I love the butt-kicking P90X series) or hire a trainer who can help you put together a good fitness routine you can do at home.


Girls Show Improvement Faster

Finally, a fitness tip for newbies that sounds oh-so-easy… all you have to do is be a girl! Because our bodies naturally have a little more fat, we lose those reserves faster than boys, which means we show fitness results faster than they do, too… usually you’ll see changes in how you look and feel in as little as two weeks!


… but It Still Takes Time

One note of caution to the fitness tip for beginners above — fitness does still take time! Give yourself about 6 to 8 weeks to start seeing really impressive results, and to start feeling good about your regimen. Like any new good habit, it takes a while to make it stick!


Get the Right Gear

This fitness tip for beginners can’t be overlooked: you’ll need the right gear! Start with a good pair of cross-trainers, ones that give you ample support and that fit properly. Take the time to visit a store with salespeople who can help you. Some may even have you walk in your old trainers to see where you need more support, and help you choose shoes that can give you what you need.


You’ll Need about 40 Minutes a Day

Remember a moment ago, when I was talking about time? Aside from giving yourself 6 to 8 weeks to get your new fitness regimen set, you’ll also need to do that routine for about 40 minutes a day, at least four (but no more than six) times a week. It’s not as much time as it sounds, really… I mean, an episode of True Blood is about that long, right?


Fuel the Beast Right!

Sweetie, you won’t be able to get into any fitness routine if you’re not keeping hydrated, and you certainly won’t be able to do it if you’re smoking. This fitness tip for beginners applies to anyone, anyway: if you smoke, stop. If you don’t, don’t start. And either way, be sure you’re keeping your body well-hydrated and happy.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Have you ever walked into a gym and wondered what in the world a particular machine was for? I’ll admit it, some of them look suspiciously similar to torture tools from Game of Thrones. But they all serve a fitness purpose, so here’s my last fitness tip for beginners: don’t be afraid to ask for help. After all, no-one was born knowing everything about fitness, and that includes the muscle-heads, the staff at the gym, little old me, and even your own personal trainer. Ask away! It’s better than risking an injury from not using the equipment properly, trust me.

With so many easy fitness tips for beginners, do you feel like you’re ready to get started? Let’s go! Remember, be sure you have the right trainers, and just get up and go! Which of these fitness tips for newbies do you think will help you the most? Or do you have another idea or tip to share? Please do… I’d love to hear some encouragement!

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this was really helpful!

Thank you so much this really helped I am trying to get a fit body and good stamina for holiday next year and I would also like to do athletics but everything I do never seems to work so I am going to try these and I will let u know how I get on thanks so much!!

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