9 Fabulous Ways to Work out for Free ...


9 Fabulous Ways to Work out for Free ...
9 Fabulous Ways to Work out for Free ...

Finding ways to work out for free is a good way of saving money, and getting fit at the same time. We don´t all have money to spend on gym memberships, which can be pretty expensive. Besides, there are lots of opportunities for free workouts. So here are some brilliant ways to work out for free.

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Run with the Dog

An easy way to get free workouts is to take your dog for a run! Their need for regular exercise is a great incentive for you to get up off the couch and exercise with them. The more energetic the breed, the better! So if you have access to a large open space, take your dog for a good run around.


Lift Weights

You´ve probably heard of the alternative use for canned food – they make great weights for toning your arms. We all have canned goods in our cupboards, so you can work those arm muscles without going to the gym. An alternative is to fill plastic bottles with sand.


Play with Kids

One of the best ways to work out for free is to play with your kids. If you don´t have any of your own, borrow nieces and nephews, or offer to take your neighbor´s kids off their hands for a while. They´ll probably be only too glad to accept! Run around with some energetic youngsters and you´ll get a great free workout.



Do you work in a building with lots of floors? This will give you a great opportunity for a free workout! If you work on one of the upper floors, get out of the elevator before your floor and walk up the remaining flights of stairs. And no – walking downstairs doesn´t have the same workout effect!



Have you bought a trampoline for your kids? Well, don´t let them have all the fun! Jumping up and down on a trampoline is great exercise, giving your leg muscles a good workout. Believe me, you will notice the difference! It´s also good for a cardiovascular workout.



If you prefer your free workouts to be fun, then dancing is an excellent option. You don´t need to go to a club (which isn´t free); just put on some fast music and get dancing! Don´t worry about looking silly – nobody will see you. Just have fun and get active.


Power Walking

Power walking is also a good way to work out for free. Walking is great exercise at any speed, but power walking provides you with that extra workout factor. So put on your trainers and set off at a good fast pace.


Walk to Work

Do you have a relatively short commute to work? If so, leave the car at home and use your own two feet. Or get a bike! If you work in a city and have to use public transport, try walking part of the way. It might save you a few dollars as well!


Ping Pong

Lots of parks have ping pong tables that you can use for free. And since ping pong balls have a way of escaping from the table, you´re bound to do quite a lot of running around! Bats and balls are a cheap investment, and playing ping pong is also good fun.

There are plenty of ways to work out for free if you can´t afford a gym membership, or know that you wouldn´t use it. We can all do with keeping fit, but don´t always have a lot of spare cash to do so. So take advantage of all the ways you can get fit without spending a cent. Do you have any inventive ways of enjoying free workouts?

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I play on monkey bars ever now and then

Does it count if the dog walks you? Or rather drags you around the yard?

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