7 Tips for a Good Workout in the Park ...


7 Tips for a Good Workout in the Park ...
7 Tips for a Good Workout in the Park ...

There are lots of reasons you might be interested in tips for a workout in the park. Are you tired of working out at the gym? Do you dread another minute on the elliptical? Then maybe it’s time to change it up a little, and get your workout at the park! Why not? It’s a great way to get your exercise and some fresh air, and to keep things interesting. Still not convinced? Keep reading. Here are 7 tips for a good workout in the park.

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Don’t Drive

One of the best ways to get a good workout in the park actually happens before you even get there. That’s right — rather than driving to the park, walk or bike or jog there! It’s better for your health, and it’s even better for your pocketbook… all those quick trips to the park can really add up to a lot of gas.


Workout with the Family

One of my favorite reasons to get my workout in the park is because I get to squeeze in my exercise and my quality time with my daughter. She gets to see me living a healthy lifestyle, and she also gets a good push on the swings. Sometimes, she’ll even run with me… or let me chase her.


Join a Club

My local park has so many clubs that get their workout in the park! There’s the morning tai chi or yoga, the running club, even a light aerobics on the tiny stretch of beach. Call or visit your local parks and rec department and see which clubs they have. If they don’t have one that interests you, start one!


Take a Class

While you’re on the phone with the parks and rec people, ask them which classes they have that will help you workout in the park. I know that aside from the free yoga each morning, the local studio also offers classes once a week in the park. See what’s available in your favorite park!


Use the Equipment

Some parks have official workout equipment, while others just have playground equipment, and still others just have a path or trail. All of these can be exactly what you need to get your workout in the park! Be a little creative: the monkey bars are perfect for pull-ups, benches for triceps dips.

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Use the Trails

Most parks have paths or trails that are specifically designed for running, walking, or even mountain biking. Use them! They’re usually gorgeous, and are available all year round. Most parks even set aside funds to maintain them. They’re perfect!


Register for a 5k

My local park also hosts a few 5k races and 1-mile fun runs each year to raise money to maintain the trails and to buy new playground equipment. Registering for one at your park is a win-win. You get a great workout in the park, and you get to make sure the park is available when you want to work out again! Find out if your park hosts one, and if not, help them plan it!

Now that I’ve tried working out in the park, the gym looks less and less attractive… and I don’t have to pack a bag! Which of these tips for getting your workout at the park appeals to you the most? Or is there another reason you like to work out at the park? Do tell!

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