7 Body Changes from Running You Should Expect ...

By Jennifer

7 Body Changes from Running You Should Expect ...

I first started running on a whim, but within weeks, I started to see some serious body changes from running, so I’ve never stopped — the benefits are just that amazing! What are these benefits, these marvelous body changes from running that inspire me, even today, to keep going? Keep reading. Here’s a breakdown of some of the changes you might not expect, but will notice almost immediately.

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Stronger Heart

Running is excellent cardio, so once you’ve been at it a while, one of the body changes from running you can expect is a stronger, healthier heart. Be careful though — recent studies have suggested that too much running, or “extreme” running, may actually have the opposite effect, causing heart damage.


Better Lungs

Did you know your lungs can actually benefit from running, too? When you first start running regularly, your lungs will struggle to keep you supplied with ample oxygen, but over time, you’ll notice that your breathing will become easier, more natural. That’s your lung capacity, improving.


Gorgeous Calves

This was one of the body changes from running I noticed right away, and I was so happy! I’ve never had nicer legs, especially my calves! My legs are stronger, too, not just shapelier. Forget calf raises. Running gives you great calves without them.


Stronger Core

Believe it or not, another body change from running you’ll see pretty quickly is a stronger core. Think about it: you’re using your core to stay upright and balanced while you run. All that running is excellent for your core… six-pack abs, here I come!


Tighter Buns

Along with your core and legs, your butt will get an amazing workout from regular running! You don’t need fancy butt-sculpting running shoes, either… studies have shown they’re not really any more effective than your standard running shoes, so lace up your trainers and tighten your bootie!

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Clearer Head

Running is a great stress-reliever, and it’s been shown to lessen the effects of depression, too, so another body change from running is all in your head. I’ve found the rhythm of running to be soothing and relaxing; when you’re focused on your breathing, and on your footfalls, the stresses of the day just melt away.


More Fit Overall!

Simply put, running makes you more fit overall, and not just in the muscles-and-bones way you might think. Sure, the calories you’re burning are important, along with the cardio exercise, but running will also encourage you to look at your other exercise and your diet, making you much fitter overall. Can you think of a more important body change from running than better health and fitness overall?

Now that you’ve seen my list, do you see why I’m such a running fanatic? While of course the toned legs and buns is a major motivation, I’m so happy with my healthier heart, lungs, and mind, I’d keep running even if it didn’t tone the rest of me. Which of these body changes makes you want to run? If you’re already a runner, have you noticed any other positive body changes I didn’t mention? Please share!

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weights to see real muscle growth as running does not involve those muscles during te exercise.

I need to tone my butt so I'm going to run more often! Thanks!

The only one I would disagree with is the butt one. Running melts all the fat including the one in your butt, so if you got fat there it will just get flat. In order to tone your butt you need to do isolation exercises and lift some weigh