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Even if you don’t have cancer, knowing a few foods that fight cancer is a great idea, because it’s been proven that eating foods that fight cancer can also help prevent you from getting cancer. Of course, a healthy lifestyle pertains too, but eating good foods can benefit your health in many, many ways. Besides fighting cancer, if you eat these foods you will notice changes in your hair, skin, nails, bodily functions, and even the level of energy you have! If you struggle with cancer or threats of cancer, please keep reading to learn these yummy foods that fight cancer!

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Broccoli is number one on my list of foods that fight cancer because it’s a powerful little veggie! Broccoli has a large amount of sulforaphane, which is a compound that boosts the body’s protective enzymes and flushes out cancer causing chemicals! According to health.com, a recent study at the University of Michigan also found that sulforaphane targets cancer stem cells!



We’ve all been told to take our garlic to keep colds at bay, but garlic is also great for fighting cancer! Eating it fresh is the best way to enjoy all the health benefits, but taking it in capsule or dried form is okay too. Add it to sauces, pastas, salads, casseroles, or egg omelets. Just make sure to brush before going out the door!


Black Raspberries

Chow down on these tiny and sweet berries to boost your cancer-fighting superpowers! Any berry is healthy to eat, but black raspberries in particular are full of phytochemicals that slow down the growth of premalignant cells. This, in turn, keeps from potentially feeding a cancerous tumor in your body!



Don’t shy away from tomatoes, they pack a powerful punch when it comes to fighting cancer! Their amazing concentration of lycopene is what helps fight cancer cell growth. Cooked tomatoes are the best to indulge in, since the heating process really increases the amount of lycopene your body can absorb. You can still receive benefits by eating them fresh though!


Sweet Potatoes

Have you had a sweet potato lately? Packed with beta-carotene, sweet potatoes protect DNA in the cell nucleus from cancer-causing chemicals that are outside the nuclear membrane. Add a little salt or sugar and butter and cinnamon to up the tasty factor! Sweet potatoes taste best when served warm.


Green Tea

Some people are turned off by green tea because of its color, but green tea is a strong ally in the battle against cancer. Antioxidants found in green tea prevent cancer cells from splitting and multiplying! Add a little honey or sugar if you don’t like unsweetened herbal teas. Black tea is an alternative if you’re not too keen on drinking green tea!



Walnuts are a healthy snack that keeps cancer growth cells very restricted! You can also chow down on Brazil nuts and pistachios for the same health benefits. Add them to salads, desserts, or breads. Just don’t try this if you have a nut allergy!

Cancer is an ugly thing, but adjusting our diet can really make a difference in how fast the cancer moves through your body or how fast it can be eliminated. Some foods can actually feed cancer, so it’s important to choose the right kinds of foods to eat! What are some of your favorite cancer-fighting foods on this list?

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You can't deny the health benefits of garlic, or that it is a marvelous seasoning! But unless you intend to be around a lot of other garlic eaters, I wouldn't recommend eating a lot of it fresh at one time, especially in the summer...you will literally sweat it out :( I love love love carrots, and they are also a great cancer fighting food! Thanks for a great list -;)

Who calls blackberries black raspberries?

@marilyn, which country t u from? Cuz I really have NO idea wat that fruit is...

I dont know if in USA u have this fruit but soursop is proven to be a strong cancer fighting food. In my country there are trees of this but I cant find one because I want to start eating it for preventive purposes.

Lots of kale and food cooked at <175 is best. My aunt has pancreatic & liver cancer and changing her diet that way has really helped

Lemons are another powerful cancer fighting food.

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