8 Foods to Avoid for Belly Fat ...


Have you ever wondered what foods to avoid for belly fat? If you are worried that the food you eat is making you thicker around the middle take a look at these 8 foods to avoid for belly fat. You might be surprised to see your favorite snack is causing you a major problem.

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Carbonated Drinks

Sodas are never good when trying to lose weight, even diet sodas are bad. They are full of sugar and offer no nutritional value. Trade your carbonated drinks in for water or green tea.



Just the thought of dessert brings images of sweet cakes, fabulous cookies, and mounds of ice-cream to mind. I also see tons of refined sugar and a big unhappy belly. Excess sugar like this is known to cause major weight gain, especially in the stomach area. It’s alright to enjoy one of these rich desserts from time to time but keep in mind; they are on the foods to avoid for belly fat list.


Fast Food

Fast food shouldn’t even be a part of your diet when trying to lose weight. The fatty oils and carbohydrates make fast food the number one food to avoid for belly fat or any fat.


Full Fat Dairy

As you can imagine full fat dairy is full of fat. If you want to decrease the fat around your waist switch to low fat milk. Skim milk is an even better option.


Potato Chips

Hydrogenated oils and trans fat put most potato chips on the foods to avoid for belly fat list. These high levels of fat are only going to make your mid-section grow out even more. Put the bag down and grab and apple.


Creamy Sauces

Most creamy sauces are made with lots of butter and full fat dairy. We already know that full fat dairy is a no-no. Anything made with it is not good either.


Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are ones that have a small amount of fiber. They are more likely to spike your insulin levels. High levels of insulin increase belly fat. If you want to avoid belly fat, stay away from simple carbohydrates.


Processed Meats

Do you even know what is in processed meats like hotdogs and bologna? I don’t know for sure, but I do know they are not good for you. Opt for lean chicken and turkey breast meat for your sandwiches instead of fake stuff.

I hope this list of foods to avoid for belly fat is useful for you. Sometimes knowing what not to eat makes finding the right foods easier. Tell me what you’ve been eating to avoid belly fat.

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One question, what shall I eat instead of carbohydrates? I cannot avoid them every single day ... Thanks in advance.

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