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You probably already know fad diets don’t work. But, for whatever reason, that doesn’t stop us from trying the hottest new diets on the market. If you are like me the results are always the same. Things start off great. You see the pounds melt off and you start thinking, “Wow this is amazing. I can’t believe this really works.” Immediately you share your new found weight loss secrets with all your friends. Now all of you are eating cabbage and tuna every day. All day. Then you start to burn out on cabbage and tuna. You crash and eventually go back to eating normal and gain all the weight back you just lost plus a little extra. Here’s a reminder of 7 reasons fad diets don’t work.

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Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss doesn’t do you any good. If a diet or a diet supplement promises you any more than two pounds a week, you can bet this is some sort of fad waiting to fail. Whenever you see these sort of big promises, think to yourself, “Fad diets don’t work” and move on.


Messed up Metabolism

The problem with fad diets is after you have lost the weight and gained it back your metabolism is all messed up. Yo-yo dieting causes a huge havoc on how your body can properly lose weight. When your metabolism is out of whack it takes twice as much work to lose the same amount of weight.


Not Enough Focus on Exercise

One clear sign of a fad diet is the lack of focus on exercise. You aren’t going to get very far in your weight loss journey without breaking a sweat. When you see something that talks about losing a bunch of weight and never needing to work out, remind yourself that fad diets don’t work. Exercise is just as much a part of losing weight as is eating healthy.


Muscle Lost

Fad diets often lead to muscle lost. This is partly due to not working out. It is also because your body is feeling a bit malnourished so it starts to nibble away at its own protein source, a.k.a your muscles. I don’t know about you, but I think muscle tone and strength is by far more beautiful than skinny.



Many fad diets don’t work because you are so limited on the amount of calories or types of food you can consume that you ache with hunger. Going that long feeling hungry is a disaster waiting to happen. Depriving yourself of food is setting you up for failure. This is exactly why fad diets don’t work. If you tell me I can’t ever eat chocolate cake again, that is all I am going to think about until I finally cave. Now if I was more in the mindset of allowing myself a small portion, I would be far less likely to devour an entire chocolate cake.


Lacks Nutrition

Any time a diet extremely limits an entire food group, you can guarantee your body is not getting all the nutrition needed to function. There are many arguments for and against low carb diets. There are also many different varieties of low carb diets. I believe in moderation. I couldn’t imagine giving up fruits for the sake of low carb. There are many important vitamins and nutrients your body needs from fruit each day.



These types of diets are unhealthy and that is exactly why fad diets don’t work. Some of their antics are based off of poor research or blatant lies. Before falling victim to another fad diet check it against some facts you already know about healthy eating.

I would love to hear some stories from our readers about your experience with fad diets. Tell me some of the ways you came to realize that fad diets don’t work.

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