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7 Foods to Fight PMS ...

By Lisa

Are you aware of some of the delicious and nutritious foods to fight PMS?! I know when PMS time rolls around we want to reach for junk food and comfort food to help us deal with the symptoms. I’m all for trying to feel better during that time of the month but some of those foods that might seem to help our symptoms can actually exacerbate them! Take a look at these seven foods to fight PMS that will help ease our pain and help make life a little easier.

1 Healthy Fats

Are you surprised to see that healthy fats are one of the foods to fight PMS? Healthy fats from avocados, salmon, nuts and olive oil can help reduce PMS symptoms due to their high omega-3 fatty acid content. They actually play a vital role in in the healthy functioning of every living cell, so it makes sense that they help decrease common symptoms like breast tenderness, menstrual pain, bloating and irritability.

2 Yogurt

One of my favorite snacks and another food that helps PMS is yogurt! Low-fat or fat-free yogurt can help balance out your calcium levels during that special time of the month. Researchers found that during ovulation, calcium levels are lower, which can lead to low moods and bloating. The next time you’re craving something sweet, reach for yogurt instead of ice cream!


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3 Bananas

Bananas are typically known for being high in potassium and this nutrient is especially important when you’re dealing with PMS symptoms. Low levels of potassium can impact your mood and cause cramps. Supplement your diet with foods rich in potassium like bananas, citrus fruits and cantaloupe. Now I’m in the mood for a fruit salad!

4 Beans

Beans aren’t something we want to eat before a hot date but they're certainly recommended when you’re trying to deal with PMS! Beans are rich in magnesium and vitamin B-6 which can help with bloating, cravings, mood swings and reducing water retention. Try eating beans with salad, make soup or add it to a pasta dish!

5 Brown Rice

If you’re not a fan of brown rice, you might want reconsider eating this nutritious food. Brown rice isn’t the tastiest thing to eat but it can pack a powerful punch when you’re trying to combat symptoms of PMS! Brown rice is a whole grain that contains vitamin B6, magnesium and manganese, all of which can help alleviate evil PMS symptoms like irritability and moodiness. If you hate brown rice, try oatmeal or whole grain pasta instead!

6 Dark Chocolate

Hey, this list is getting better! I’m not suggesting that we all have free reign to gorge on dark chocolate during our periods, but it’s the best type of chocolate to eat. Dark chocolate is famous for its many health benefits since it has magnesium as well as other vitamins and antioxidants. Look for dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (70% or above), it’ll be a little bitter but it’s got the most disease-fighting antioxidants and flavonoids!

7 Almonds

The last food that fights PMS is a nut. Almonds are high in vitamin E, which is a fab food to help with skin concerns during your period as well as breast tenderness, soreness and irritability. If you’re not a fan of almonds, try hazelnuts, milk, eggs or avocados. All of these tasty foods help with PMS symptoms in addition helping your body remove free radicals, and they help skin heal.

Are you consuming any of these foods that fight PMS? Who knew we can make the dreadful time of the month a little more manageable by switching up some of the foods we eat?! For best results, incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your daily meals so that you can reap the many other benefits these foods have to offer! How do you deal with PMS symptoms?

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