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Foods You Can Eat to Make Your Vagina Taste Better ...

By Neecey

Oral sex is an amazing experience but only if you’re totally and not stressing about how your most intimate parts smell. There are lots of products like douches, sprays and wipes that are made specially to make your lady garden fresh but I advise against these. Your vaginal area is so delicate and sensitive that these products can upset your pH balance, leading to infections which can be more problematic than your usual odor. The best advice is to shower or wash before sex but if you want to help things along, there are some foods that are claimed – note the word claimed – to help your vagina smell and taste better. Remember, there’s no guarantee. Everybody’s body reacts differently to everything.

1 Pineapples

food, plant, produce, fruit, pineapple,This is one that is talked about all the time when this sort of topic comes up, and the sheer amount of people that swear by it means that there must be some truth to the rumor! Pineapples are a fruit that smell amazingly sweet as well as tasting amazingly sweet, so it makes sense that some of that might transfer to your intimate parts eventually, although with all of these suggestions, you probably have to eat a hell of a lot!

2 Green Vegetables

green, vegetable, food, produce, floristry,Not only are green vegetables great for your overall health, they are also thought to be great for your vagina health too! It is believed that having a diet filled with healthy greens can contribute to your vagina maintaining a normal, healthy taste. If however, you are concerned about your smell and taste stay away from asparagus and broccoli - they will have almost the opposite effect in terms of taste even though they are good for you!

3 Berries

food, strawberry, strawberries, fruit, produce,Much like with the pineapple theory, the belief that berries can give your vagina a more enjoyable taste stems from strong internet popularity. Again, with the natural sweetness that they possess, it makes a lot of sense that there could be some sort of chemical change downstairs that improves the health and ‘quality’ of your private parts!

4 Water

distilled beverage, alcoholic beverage, liqueur, bottle, drink,Water is pretty much a go to answer for anything related to your bodily health, as the same goes for making your vagina taste better! Though it will not give your vagina a specific taste, what it will do is flush out any toxins and nastiness that might be setting up camp down there. Essentially, the more hydrated you stay, the less likely you are to have an unpleasant smelling or tasting lady garden!

5 Yogurt

food, dish, meal, breakfast, produce,As a general rule, dairy isn’t usually something that is recommended when talking about vagina health, smell or taste, but when it comes to natural yogurt, there is so much good bacteria present that it can help towards making your vagina nice and healthy much like the way that water can. It won’t necessarily give a distinct taste, but it will keep your natural pH levels in a good place.

6 Peppermint

drink, food, cocktail, alcoholic beverage, plant,Many people have claimed that doing things like drinking peppermint tea can have a positive impact on the taste factor of your vagina, but like other suggestions, this isn’t necessarily based on science. One thing I can say without doubt is that you do not want to rub anything peppermint related directly on to your private parts; that is never a good idea!

7 Honey

man made object, produce, Pin,Honey is seen as something of controversial suggestion, because whereas some say that its sweetness will be a benefit, others say that something so full of sugar could actually be excessive and have an opposite effect. Just like with the peppermint though, whatever you do, don’t apply it directly; that is nothing but a recipe for disaster!

What do you think about these theories? Are they just a myth perpetuated by the internet or do you think they’re worth a try?

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