10 Health Facts Discovered in 2014 ...

By Kati

There were plenty of health facts discovered in 2014. Yep, while we were watching Malala claim her Nobel Peace Prize, or gawping at Kim stripping off for no apparent reason, scientists were testing out some health theories, and giving us some great new knowledge. Here are the top health facts discovered in 2014, so you can make sure that you’re up to speed.

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One of the earliest health facts discovered in 2014, Bodyism is a workout loved by A-listers. James Duigan, an Australian personal trainer, came up with the idea, and successfully uses it with stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Elle MacPherson. So what is it? Ditch calorie counting in favor of a nutrition-packed diet, and be as active as possible. Yes, really.


Don’t Turn down Chocolate

Scientists confirmed the many benefits of chocolate in February, including that it can help you to relax, it enhances concentration, it can ward off cancer and heart disease, it acts as a cough soother, it increases your natural sun protection, it can stop you snacking, and it can be used to help keep diabetes under control. Phew. Grab a piece out of the fridge now to celebrate.


Colds Can Be Beat

Got a cold? Pack your diet with certain foods, and you’ll give yourself the best chance of fighting it off quickly, and feeling more like yourself. Those foods? Sweet potato, brazil nuts, kiwis, oatcakes, mackerel, tinned pineapple, probiotic yoghurt… double points if you can blend all of them into the same meal. And it tastes edible.


Celery Isn’t a Negative Food

This rumour has been around for yonks, but it’s finally been disproved. Celery isn’t a negative food – it doesn’t take more calories to digest it than it contains. Unfortunately, there are no negative foods, not even super healthy foods like salad.


8pm Isn’t Evil

This idea didn’t seem to gain much ground, until it was mentioned by Oprah. That doesn’t make it true, though. Calories after 8pm are exactly the same as those before, and not eating later hasn’t helped anyone lose weight in any studies. The only reason this could work? If you’re easily tempted by the fridge during late-night TV, cutting off calories at 8pm will stop the binges.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Every Woman Needs Thyme Oil

Thyme oil is better for period pain than ibruprofen. Yes, you read that right. The natural substance brings faster relief from cramps, and eases pain quicker, too. It’s even been proven in placebo tests. Stock up now, and never look back.


Ditch Detoxes

Do you jump onto a detox after a hard weekend, hoping to reverse the damage? Unfortunately, it won’t work. Detoxing is a marketing idea, rather than a scientific concept. While detox drinks won’t usually do you any harm, there is no benefit, either – you’re just spending money on something unnecessary. You’re also likely to make yourself feel ill and weak if you force yourself to live off a strange detox for a while. If you’re feeling sluggish or tired, try fighting the cause, rather than detoxing. An early night will do you much more good.


Saunas Help Hangovers

Yep, this year, hangover cures were pitted against each other. An early morning jog? Pass – it’ll make you feel tired and sore. Hair of the dog? The alcohol might give you temporary relief, but it’ll be back! Berroca? Another temporary cure. A sauna, though? 10 minutes should chill you out, and make you feel better. You might still have a slight headache, but you’ll feel 200% improved.


Pizza Isn’t a Good Drunk Food

Yes, really. If you’re feeling ravenous, stay away from pizza. Alcohol loosens up your digestive muscles, making keeping food down more diffiuclt, and releasing more digestive juices. Acidic tomatoes can provoke GERD and acid reflux much easier in this state, making you more likely to throw up or feel terrible. Ouch.


Go to Sleep

One of the best health facts discovered in 2014? Go to sleep. Staying up all night might feel naughty, but there is pretty much nothing that feels nicer than a good sleep. Plus, your skin will look good, and you’ll be happier. Win. Now go to bed.

Of course, there were a lot of other health facts discovered in 2014 – covering them all would be a huge task! But these are the ones we all need to remember. Along with that EVERYONE thinks they have weird feet. Seriously. Not one person admitted to liking their toes. Do you know any great health facts discovered in 2014? Give them a shout out in the comments!

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I live on celery as my lunchtime snack and have always been fit. And the whole time one....I agree because your body doesn't know what time it is. I'm thinking that's more because people are less active at night.

Umm... #3. Mackerel? Yuck!

Nothing like a bit of common sense, is there?

Detoxing is a real thing. If you rely on tea for it though, you won't get any results.

Maybe this'll sound stupid but how would you use thyme oil for period cramps? Would you apply it? I'm a little confused but i really want to try it because God knows i need this during that time of the month!

To Stephanie: I had to google "how to use thyme to reduce cramps" and the results that is most convenient for me to use is to put the herb in a cup, add boiling water and let it seep for 10 minutes then drink it at the beginning of your period, then drink more every 6 hours during.