9 Healthy Eating Tips for Pregnant Mommas ...


9 Healthy Eating Tips for Pregnant Mommas ...
9 Healthy Eating Tips for Pregnant Mommas ...

It’s necessary that every mom learn a few healthy eating tips for pregnant women! Remember that eating healthy while pregnant is beneficial not only for you but for your baby as well. When you follow a healthy diet and employ healthy eating tips for pregnant women while expecting, you will notice a great difference in your overall health and well-being. Carrying a baby increases your body’s demand for certain nutrients, so knowing how you need to eat is vital for your baby’s health and development!

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Drink Water

Out of all my healthy eating tips for pregnant women, this is my very top tip! Drinking enough water is vital to staying hydrated and keeping you and baby safe and well. Without enough water, you run the chance to pass out or have other health risks. Drink water as well as milk and juice daily so your baby gets the liquids they need!


Take Prenatal Vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins helps baby grow healthy and strong. If your doctor doesn’t prescribe you any, you can find them at nearly any drugstore in the vitamins section. Some women can’t tolerate how big the prenatal vitamins are. If this is the case, you can cut yours in half and take it in two pieces, or you can ask your doctor which vitamins you should be taking for increased health for baby and take vitamins and minerals separately on their own. Ask a doctor first though.


Don’t Keep Junk Food Nearby

This has been my number one fail proof tip since becoming pregnant! I’ve come to notice that when I have junk foods in my house, I will eat them. If I don’t have them in my house, I either have to go get them or go without. This helps you decide if you really want or need something. I live very close to a grocery store, and only twice has my craving been strong enough to actually go get what I want.


Have Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Here is one area you can widely indulge in while pregnant! The absolute best foods for mom and baby are fresh fruits and veggies, so don’t hesitate to eat your fill. Try and mix it up from week to week by buying different produce to try out just to give your taste buds variety. And look for produce that isn’t overripe so you won’t have anything spoiling in the next few days after grocery shopping.


Avoid Caffeine

Most doctors will tell you that a little caffeine won’t hurt your baby and this is true. That being said, caffeine isn’t actually GOOD for your baby, as there is no nutritional value, and it actually stimulates your nerves (which is why people drink coffee or soda to help them wake up!). Besides, caffeine is dehydrating, and the idea is to stay HYDRATED when pregnant. Avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible and replace them with something else, like water and juice.


Moderate Your Cravings

As difficult as it may be, moderating your cravings CAN be done! I’ve had some strong cravings throughout my pregnancy, but by eating something healthy or just not giving in, I’ve been able to control and maintain my cravings. You can still allow yourself to indulge, but do maintain your cravings, or you may end up putting on more weight than is healthy for you and baby!


Variety is Key

Being pregnant, it’s important you get all the nutrients you and your growing baby need. Talk to your doctor to find out what he recommends in your diet. Make sure you include healthy servings of dairy, protein, whole wheats, fiber, fresh fruits, and veggies in your diet. These will be where your baby gets their main sources of nutrients!


Balance Meals out with Exercise

A surefire way to keep up your appetite (this can be difficult for some pregnant women) and ensure that you are keeping a steady weight gain is by visiting the gym a few times a week. Keep your workouts light and easy, and don’t get your heart rate above 40. Always speak to your doctor before a change in routine, but you will find that most doctors encourage exercise in pregnant women!


Eat Small Meals

One of the key things I’ve discovered in my own pregnancy is that eating smaller meals closer together is better not only for my digestive system but also for keeping my metabolism regulated. Many women find that they suffer from heartburn or indigestion after having a large meal. If you have 4-5 small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals, you may notice a difference!

Well, those are my tips for eating healthy when pregnant, but I’d love to hear from my readers! Do you have any tips to help eat healthy when pregnant? Please, comment below with your tips and tricks, and what worked for you while pregnant! Thanks for reading!

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@ashley I have never been drunk or done any kind of drugs I don't eat gluten processed sugar any vegetables the grow under the ground except opinions and garlic and I don't eat watermelon pineapple or bananas because of the hight sugar content I have a better life style eating habits then u ever will so I'm allowed to have some coffee and I know I'm addicted to coffee but i don't care ;)

@PhoenixxAquarii ;; cravings don't work that way. Pregnant women can crave even the craziest things such as dirt and clay and I'm sure that does not mean they are deficient in some sort of nutrient. They're just cravings.. some are fine, some are very harmful.

Pregnancy is the most important part in any women’s life. Pregnant women where they feel elated of crossing to most privileged tag as mother. Take good care of during pregnancy.

My first pregnancy I was a naive 15 year old,...gave in to all the cravings....gained nothing. My next I didn't give into cravings, ate the healthiest diet you could imagine, gained 100 pounds

It's hard not to crave I'm 6 weeks , and I crave everything.

I severely disagree with not giving in to cravings.. You just need to learn what they mean... Ice - iron. Chocolate - magnesium. Potato chips - b vitamins and certain salts. Etc.

#8 should say not to let your heart rate go above 140, not 40

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