7 Healthy Things to do While Binge Watching Netflix ...


Isn’t Netflix such a wonderful part of our modern lives? You can catch up on must-see shows and enjoy all your old favorites, too. But it doesn’t have to just be wasted time. You can make your Netflix time a time to do healthy things for yourself.

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Have a Healthy Snack

dish, meal, breakfast, lunch, food, It’s natural to grab a snack when you’re watching tv. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or candy, choose something healthier. Fresh fruits 🍌 and veggies, whole wheat crackers or a healthy handful of nuts are all good choices. You can enjoy a treat that you feel good about. Best of all, you’re giving your body nutrition it needs.


Drink Your H2O

red, pink, lip, lip gloss, hand, Most of us don’t drink enough water. You can work on this when you’re watching Netflix. Make it a habit to grab a bottle of water whenever you sit down to enjoy some Netflix time. Even if this only ups your water intake by just 1-2 cups, it’s an improvement. Another thing you can do to make sure that you’re getting enough water is choose a water tracking app for your phone to help motivate you throughout your day.


Apply Lotion

clothing, human positions, window, sitting, interior design, It’s a small and simple thing but it’s healthy for your skin. Most of us are suffering from dry skin right now with winter giving us it’s harshest hit. Taking a few minutes to apply some lotion can do a lot for your skin’s feel and appearance. It’s a small little luxurious thing you can do for yourself. Purchase a scent you love so you always want to apply it.


Exercise 🚴

human action, active undergarment, clothing, muscle, sports uniform, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Exercise wouldn’t be as much a part of my life if it wasn’t for Netflix. 3 episodes of “Friends” is a little over an hour so it’s a great time for a power walk! But you can do whatever type of exercise you love. Run on the treadmill, use the elliptical or just some basic weight training are all great choices.


Research Healthy Recipes

human action, hair, clothing, person, human positions, Use your Netflix time to research some healthy recipes. You may want 20 minute meals or gourmet; whatever your needs in healthy recipes are, you’re sure to find it. I love to look for recipe swaps or recipes that’re very similar to my regular cooking. For example, I’ve fixed a turkey and portabella burger in place of a regular beef burger and a lower calorie version of creamy pasta sauce. The best part is my family never knows the difference!


Make a (Healthier) Grocery List

technology, brand, electronic device, multimedia, PRODUCTIVITY, Don’t you hate going to the store without a list? You end up buying more than you should and taking home way too much junk food. Shopping with a list can eliminate that issue for you. Of course you can still be tempted to impulse shop but it’s a lot easier to avoid that temptation if the tempting food item isn’t on your list. It’s also easier to cook healthy meals at home when you include the ingredients on your grocery list.


Just Chill

human positions, sitting, leg, hairstyle, furniture, Yes, you do need down time! It’s okay to simply chill out and let your stress drop off while you lose yourself in “Leap Year” for the 20th time. Relaxing is something we don’t always realize the importance of. Balance is something most of us don’t have the right amount of in our life. Adult responsibilities can take over completely if we aren’t careful.

These’re 7 healthy things you can do while watching Netflix. Which of them are inspiring to you? I love reading your comments!

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