4 Healthy Ways to Deal with a Bad Day ...

Hannah Marfia

4 Healthy Ways to Deal  with a Bad  Day  ...

Are you looking for some healthy ways to deal with a bad day? I know it’s tempting to drown a bad day in a bottle of wine and call it good, but there are many different ways to improve your outlook and your mood without that pesky hangover. Here are some healthy ways to deal with a bad day.

1 Work out

Sometimes this is the last thing in the world that you feel like doing, especially after a long day at work or school, but those are usually the days when you need it the most. Working out is one of the best healthy ways to deal with a bad day.

2 Write down 3 Things You’re Grateful for

Sure, you may have gotten stuck in traffic, stepped in dog poo etc, but you have SO much to be thankful for. Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal and writing in it regularly increases happiness levels and feel-good hormones almost immediately. You may write down coffee three times.

3 Do Your Own Nails/have a Spa Day

Many women feel tempted to go shopping and spend money in order to blow off steam, but this can be a dangerous and costly habit. I like to give myself a manicure or pedicure after a hard day. It makes me feel pampered and relaxed without spending a bunch of $$$.

4 Cook a Healthy Meal

I know that you probably just want to eat comfort food, but preparing yourself a healthy meal is the ultimate way to get yourself back on track. Make sure that your meal contains a lot of protein and vegetables. Healthy foods not only fuel your body and promote a healthy weight, but can also improve your mood right away.