8 Helpful Hints for a Healthy Home ...


8 Helpful Hints for a Healthy Home ...
8 Helpful Hints for a Healthy Home ...

If you want to improve your home environment, then you will find these tips for a healthy home very useful. There are lots of things that can make our homes unhealthy, including many that we don’t even consider. Yet with some simple changes, we can improve the quality of our homes. So here are some tips for a healthy home that you’ll be happy to live in …

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Fresh Air

One of the easiest tips for a healthy home is to open the windows whenever possible. This allows fresh air in, ventilates the house, and helps prevent mould (which is definitely not good for your health). So when the weather permits, open the windows and get rid of the stale air. And always ventilate your bathroom, which is obviously a damp place.


Chemical Care

Have a look in your cupboards, and you may be astonished at just how many chemicals you have in your house. It’s worth looking into ways of reducing the presence of chemicals in your house. For example, avoid the use of fresh air sprays – try opening windows instead, or making your own sprays by diluting a few drops of essential oil.


Home Made Cleaners

Many cleaning products are toxic and should only be used with caution. Particular examples of this are drain unblockers and oven cleaners, which can be dangerous to breathe in. Making your own cleaning products is much healthier, and won’t harm you, your family or your pets.


Clean Regularly

Obviously a clean environment is pleasant and healthy, but don’t overdo it – this is suspected of causing an increase in allergies, as people are not exposed to germs. So they fail to build up natural immunity. Of course, nobody sensible wants to live in squalor, but don’t clean the house obsessively with anti-bacterial products.


No Smoking

Never smoke inside or near the house, so that nobody else is exposed to the smoke (obviously it’s far better not to smoke at all). Don’t allow guests to smoke indoors either. Aside from the fact that the smell will linger, do you really want to breathe in second-hand smoke?



Dust can be a factor in respiratory problems and allergies. The best way to dust is to use a damp cloth, as this causes the dust to stick to the cloth. A dry cloth just moves the dust around (cough!). Move items so that you can dust properly, and don’t forget books, which are real dust-traps!


Clean Missed Areas

It’s easy to overlook a lot of areas in the house when you’re cleaning, which get grimy and unhealthily dirty. Every so often, pull out furniture and clean behind and underneath it. Also clean things like light switches from time to time, and vacuum your mattresses to remove dust mites and dead skin (we shed a lot!).



When you’re decorating your home, make sure that the area is well ventilated, and avoid using the room until the paint or wallpaper paste has dried. If you are sensitive to paint fumes, you can buy paint that is free of odours; look out for these in stores.

Our homes should be places to be safe and comfortable, but we fail to realize that they can actually be detrimental to our health. Don’t be too paranoid, but do watch out for problems that may affect your health, such as dampness. There are lots of steps that you can take to improve the quality of your home environment. Is your home a health hazard, or a shrine to sparkling sterility?

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