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Here is What You Need to do to Have More Energy - from Morning to Night ...

By Neecey

Starting the day blear-eyed and finishing it by falling into bed dog-tired means is not good for the body or the mind. But life is busy. You work or go to school, you might do both, you might have a family to look after. And thanks to modern day pressures, we are working harder and longer. All of this is energy sapping. If you are running on a diet of determination and caffeine, you need better ways to replenish and boost your energy reserves. These strategies will have you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed all day – from morning to night.

Table of contents:

  1. Balance your diet and focus on vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds and fruit
  2. The more you exercise then the more energy you will have
  3. Fats are good in moderation and regularly
  4. Your salt and iron content matters more than your sugar content
  5. Lack of good sleep will start a negative feedback cycle
  6. Your smartphone is numbing your mind and slowing you down
  7. Get into a routine and your high energy will turn into a habit

1 Balance Your Diet and Focus on Vegetables, Nuts, Grains, Seeds and Fruit

People that have never tried two weeks living on a combination of vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds and fruit, will find it hard to believe just how much energy they give you. If your diet is balanced, then the amount of energy you get is almost limitless. The trouble is that the modern diet is simply not made of such items. When was the last time you saw a ready meal that has over five vegetables in, along with grains, seeds and nuts? Try a balanced diet with a mixture of five to ten vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds and fruit per day, and you will see a massive impact on your energy levels.

2 The More You Exercise then the More Energy You Will Have

This is a medical fact. People that do lots of exercise have a lot of energy in general. One of best ways to have more energy is to exercise daily. Working out is energizing not energy draining.

3 Fats Are Good in Moderation and Regularly

One of the ways to have more energy throughout your day is to eat reasonable amounts of fat. Your body fat is supposed to act as an energy reserve. People that are very thin may have bursts of energy but have very little endurance. It is because their body cannot draw energy from the fat in their body and blood. Enduring energy comes from having fat reserves in your body (just not too much). Reserves – not food banks!

4 Your Salt and Iron Content Matters More than Your Sugar Content

Women are prone to having a lack of iron in their blood, and it deficiency can make women very tired and lethargic. If you find yourself perpetually tired and sluggish, then try iron tablets for a few weeks and see if you perk up. A B12 deficiency may be your problem. If you do a fair amount of exercise and are not feeling more energetic, then you may not be getting enough salt. Up your salt intake and you should see a dramatic difference.

5 Lack of Good Sleep Will Start a Negative Feedback Cycle

It starts with a night or two of poor sleep and you no longer feel tired at bed time. You get to sleep later and later but you still have to get up at the same time. You become more and more tired until you are worn out. Luckily, a lot of us can use the weekend to recover, but if you cannot then you need to do a lot of exercise around six hours before your bed time. It will help you start falling asleep again at the right time.

6 Your Smartphone is Numbing Your Mind and Slowing You down

If you have a lack of energy, you may be a smartphone addict. Restrict your smartphone activity to 15 minutes per day. If you find that tough, then that is a warning sign on its own. Restrict your smartphone and within a week you will feel as if you have more energy.

7 Get into a Routine and Your High Energy Will Turn into a Habit

People that work a solid routine are less likely to suffer from a lack of energy. Exercising and sleeping at the same time every day will get you into a routine, and that will turn into a habit. Your mind is built for habits, and this one in particular will help you maintain your energy levels.

Some people seem to cruise through life, getting done all they need to do and finding time to get enough sleep. They are probably doing all the above. Are you? Or is it time to make some changes?

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