Heres How to Better Your Mood with These Smells ...

By Lauren

Heres How to Better Your Mood with These Smells ...

Aromatherapy is a simple method of healing. Based on the science of smells, it is a practice that can be used as a natural therapy for all sorts of issues, both mental and physical. Smells can make you feel better and provide a mood boost. Try these smells in the form of essential oils and see what they can do for you.

1 Cinnamon to Improve Your Balance

Research suggests smelling a baked cinnamon bun scent improves your balance. Interestingly, the spice can help a lot in improving your other motor skills as well – you will also notice decreased fatigue and increased alertness while driving. It stimulates your central nervous system to enhance your performance. Go buy a cinnamon-scented car freshener today to keep your road rage in check!

2 Lemon to Improve Mood

A whiff of citrus can have a dramatic effect on your mood. Research suggests that exposing yourself to a citrus fragrance, in particular lemon oil, will help boost your immune function, regulate hormone levels, and reduce the need to take antidepressants. It's one of the best healing scents for people diagnosed with depression. The good thing is that simply dabbing some lemon balm on your wrist is enough to do the magic.

3 Jasmine to Sleep Better

If you feel tired instead of feeling relaxed in the morning, it means you're not getting enough sleep or your sleep quality isn’t up to the mark. A simple tweak like sleeping in room scented with jasmine will work wonders to keep you relaxed with low anxiety levels throughout the night. Yes, it means no more tossing and turning throughout the night when you're in a jasmine-scented room.

4 Almonds to Relieve Pain

The aroma of almond oil can play a role in relieving pain, and Canadian research actually backs it as well. The study suggests that your pain threshold increases and you feel 38% less pain when exposed to pleasant scents like almond oil or almond extract. This doesn't work in the same way for men though – it seems men will have to stick with their pain relievers for a while to deal with pain - almonds will however help boost their mood because it's among the smells that improve your mood.

5 Black Pepper to Quit Smoking

Take a whiff of black pepper oil and you will soon have no cravings for nicotine. A study published in 2013 stated that inhaling black pepper oil will give you the same 'burning' sensation in the throat that you usually get when you smoke cigarettes. By mimicking the same sensation, you will be able to overcome your cravings for lighting up. Simply, dip a cotton ball in black pepper oil and smell it whenever a craving hits.

6 Bananas to Control Weight

Have you ever thought about that? The trick is that you don't need one but you just have to smell them. Simply sniff the scent of a banana whenever you feel hungry to curb cravings. It works because the scent triggers the secretion of such hormones that make you feel full. Isn't it the simplest weight loss idea ever?

7 Roses to Have Sweet Dreams

It's time to appreciate yourself for all the hard work you do throughout the day with a rose bouquet. This will make you feel happy and also help you have dreams as beautiful as roses. Be sure to place the bouquet near your bed, so you could smell its aroma all through the night. Research says you will have pleasant dreams if you sleep in a rose-scented room. So, why not make this move today?

Essential oils are a fascinating way to improve your mood and your health. Do you use them?

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