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Limiting the amount of soda you drink always sounds good, but then it’s hard to follow through with. Here is a list explaining why soda is bad for you and some of the dreadful effects soda can take on your body! The best alternative would be cutting soda out of your diet altogether, but if that’s not a possibility for you, cutting back is better than nothing at all! Here is why you should limit the amount of soda you drink.

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Soda Gives You High Blood Pressure

Drinking soda can raise your blood pressure, and if you already work or live in a high stress environment that’s no good! Researchers from the School of Public Health at Imperial College in London analyzed the diets of nearly 2,700 middle-aged people in the U.S. and the U.K. They found that people who drank one or more soda a day had higher blood pressure, and the more soda they drank, the higher the level would rise!


Soda is Bad for Your Teeth

Soda is loaded with sugar, along with lots of other tooth-decaying encouraging factors. Besides the possibility of cavities, your tooth enamel can wear down from the acidity. Even brushing right after drinking a soda still doesn’t rule out how bad soda is for your teeth.


There Are a Lot of Calories in One Soda

Why drink empty calories when you can save them for something better, like carbs or even a dessert? You can cut down on your calorie intake and weight gain just by eliminating soda out of your daily diet.


You Can Become Dependent on Soda

With all the caffeine and sugar in just one soda, it’s easy to understand how one can come to crave soda every day. It’s kind of like coffee, once you get into the habit of drinking one every day, it becomes a “need” your body thinks it has to fulfill. The difference is that coffee actually has some health benefits, and soda has none.


Drinking Soda Can Lead to Lots of Health Issues

Some of the risks that soda can present to your health include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, liver problems, kidney stones, and heartburn. These are not guaranteed issues that will arise from drinking soda but they have been linked to drinking soda.


There is a Lot of Sugar in Soda

There is more sugar in one soda than what the daily allotment for one adult is, that is considered healthy. Most of us consume far more sugar than we are “supposed” to, but cutting out soda can drastically lower this number! Too much sugar leads to fat production and weight gain, an unhealthy heart, and blood sugar crashes, among other things.


Soda is Expensive

Have you ever wondered how much you spend on soda per month? If you buy two cases at the grocery store per week, that adds up to about $10 per week which is $40 per month. If you buy soda at gas stations or restaurants, you are paying around $3+ for one soda, and that adds up even quicker if it is a daily occurrence!

If you are an avid soda drinker, maybe it’s time to try cutting back! The first few weeks can be rough, but once you stop drinking soda on a regular basis, you’ll realize that your health is benefiting in the long run! There are lots of good alternatives for soda, like tea, lemonade, fruit juice, kombucha, or coffee! Thanks so much for reading!

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Hardly ever drink soda

Diet soda is soon to be banned from all the phenylketonurics. Might strip the paint off your car but it won't make you fat.

I'm literally drinking soda and reading this right now 😂😂 but that's a really good thing to know thx a lot

I'm conflicted after reading this article.Lol, I think I might have a soda addiction. Thanks for the heads up. ☺😦😟😆

Just remember to drink in moderation and drink water afterward :)

In Asia, water can sometimes be more expensive than a can of coke.. Weird huh? My hubby says I shouldn't drink too much coke due to dehydration and headaches.. So I've switched to juices that I mix with soda water :-)

Brushing right after soda will actually cause more damage as the enamel is still soft. Best to rinse with water straight after and brush an hour after drinking soda

Besides the occasional ginger for an upset tummy I haven't drank soda since my 20's

After having a bladder infection I stopped drinking soda

Not to mention, you have to drink at least 8 glasses of water afterwards.

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