13 Convincing Reasons to Stop Drinking Energy Drinks ...


13 Convincing Reasons to Stop Drinking Energy Drinks ...
13 Convincing Reasons to Stop Drinking Energy Drinks ...

Think there aren’t any good reasons stop drinking energy drinks? Think again. Energy drinks disguise themselves as an easy way to get some quick energy and help you get through your day but can be harmful to your health. I used to be quite the energy drink aficionado myself until I found out their negative effects. Keep reading for the scoop on reasons to stop drinking energy drinks and slow down!

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Stress and Anxiety

Personally, one of the most convincing reasons to stop drinking energy drinks is that they can cause increased stress and anxiety. Some energy drinks were actually found to contain more caffeine than they advertised on their labels. Excess caffeine has been known to cause chronic stress and the jitters, and a racing heart from massive amounts of caffeine isn’t all that comforting either!


Sugar High

Besides providing us with artificial energy, energy drinks typically contain lots of sugar. Some drinks are known to have an average of 13 teaspoons of sugar! Aside from getting the dreaded sugar crash, sugar can leave you dehydrated and is also known to suppress the immune system, cause tooth decay, weight gain and increase inflammation.


Side Effects

If you weren’t already aware, energy drinks have some pretty serious side effects. Some of the side effects include tremors, agitation, chest pain, stomach upset, dizziness, insomnia, seizures and even heart attacks. Just because they’re easily available and look innocent enough doesn’t mean that they can’t do some serious harm!


Mood Changes

If you regularly drink energy drinks, you might want to rethink your beverage choice. Studies have shown that people who frequently consume the stimulant caffeine have been known to have reduced serotonin levels. Serotonin is known as the “feel good” neurotransmitter and a depletion of serotonin has been linked to anxiety, depression and low moods.


Taxes Organs

Other dangers of energy drinks are that they can be taxing on your organs. Your brain, liver, digestive system, kidneys and heart are all working as if you’re in a fight or flight situation and ultimately get drained from all the work! Energy drinks signal your organs to react as if they’re in a dangerous situation so you can imagine how draining it can be!



While you might welcome the sudden surge of energy and vigor when you’re trying to make it through a boring afternoon, it’s not so great when you’re ready to turn in for the night. Energy drinks can cause you to lose out on restful, deep sleep at night so that you end up turning to it again the next day. Stop the cycle and get energy in more natural, safe ways through exercise, healthy snacks and water!



These days we’re all pretty much strapped for cash. I’m all for a little treat every now and then but energy drinks can end up costing you up to $1,000 per year or more! The average energy drink can cost you between $2-3. So if you’ve got a daily habit, you’re spending enough money to snag yourself a whole lotta new clothes, shoes and other fabulous items!



One of the main reasons why we turn to energy drinks is to get a boost. However, that boost can last long after we need it. With energy drinks, not only does your body get used to getting that stimulation so it needs it to "wake up;" it also has trouble winding down since it's so amped up with chemicals.


Caffeine Overload

Caffeine is often the main ingredient in energy drinks. We all know this, but do we know exactly how much we're consuming? According to the Mayo Clinic, a grande 16-oz. cup of plain Starbucks coffee has 330 mg of caffeine. In one, 2-oz. bottle of 5-hour Energy, there is 200 mg of caffeine! Regularly consuming that much caffeine to get over a slump can easily lead to dependence.


Long-term Effects

One of the most troubling things about energy drinks is that many of their long-term effects are unclear at this point. The FDA does not currently regulate the types as well as the amount of ingredients commonly used in energy drinks so many people are buying these drinks without having a clear idea of the long-term effects.


Continuing to indulge in these beverages might lead to chronic health issues. Caffeine, for example, when consumed in high quantities, can lead to heart palpitations, high blood pressure, and sleep disturbances. Frequent consumption may also trigger dependency, making it difficult to function without your daily dose of energy drink. Moreover, the sugar in many energy drinks can contribute to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and dental problems over time. It's vital to remain informed and cautious, considering the potential risks that may emerge from long-term use.


Decreased Productivity

One of the main reasons we reach for an energy drink or any caffeinated beverage is to help give us some energy to get through the day on little sleep. The problem with this is that just because you feel more awake doesn't mean that the quality of your work will be better.


Adrenal Fatigue

When your adrenal glands aren't performing at their peak level, it can lead to a syndrome called adrenal fatigue. While there is more than one source of adrenal fatigue, one of them is from exhaustion. Dr. Richard Herbold of New York’s Capital District Vitality Center states that using caffeine and other stimulants can produce excess stress hormones which fatigue the adrenal system.


Adrenal fatigue manifests through symptoms like tiredness, anxiety, and craving for sweet or salty snacks. These might seem trivial at first, but they can disrupt daily life considerably by sapping your energy and affecting your mood. The temporary "boost" from energy drinks is simply not worth the long-term health risks. Keep in mind, consistent reliance on artificial stimulants to get through the day can lead to a vicious cycle that proves hard to break. Consider natural energy sources and lifestyle changes for sustainable vitality.


Illness and Possible Death

In an article published in November of 2012 by WebMD, there had been 40 illnesses and 5 deaths linked to Monster, 13 illnesses and 2 lasting disabilities from Rockstar and 92 illnesses and 13 deaths from 5-Hour Energy drinks.Those are some scary stats since just about anyone can walk into a convenience store and pick up an energy drink.

The next time you’re looking for ways to get energy, think about alternative ways to get an energy boost before you turn to energy drinks. Consuming excess amount of anything can be harmful. So instead of solely relying on caffeine and sugar to get you through the day, take a walk or hydrate with water to get more natural and long-lasting energy! How do you increase your energy?

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I drank my first redline last year and it caused my body to go numb and I had a panic attack. On graduation I drank another, thinking it would be different.. I felt dizzy and threw up all night. Never again.

You can buy a energy drink for 35p where I stay!

I love Redbull and Monster but I know not to have anymore!

The worst part is that many people mixs Alcohol with drinks like Red bull.

This football player at my school had a seizure from drinking one before a game

Oops meant .. Once in a while to it

@Kathy Chasen 4 lokos were my alcoholic fix once my tolerance started building up that shit had me wasted after only 2 somehow and the only thing that still gave me hangovers when nothing else did anymore that's a deadly concoction right there

I agree with this. Used to drink a can of red bull everyday.. Couldn't get off it and wasn't myself without it, until i challenged myself and took the volvic 7day water challenge. I feel a lot better and can do everything better now. Anyone that's hooked in it.. Please try coming off it.. You can treat yourself once in a whole to it.

I personally think people should be more concerned about drinking alcohol then energy drinks, teenagers can get that just about as easy as energy drinks, either from fake IDs, someone older buying it or taking it from home. And while it is sad for someone to die from drinking it I know alcohol kills far more people then energy drinks. Probably the reason energy drinks causes dizziness and nausea is because of the caffiene and herbs. So although they may not be the healthiest Alcohol is far more worse and kills in so many ways

I only had redbull because of its taste, but I don't drink it anymore, read about things similar to what says in your article before and decided it was not worth it. I just wish there was some soda-like beverage that tasted liked redbull but without being an energy drink!

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