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8 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Too Much Coffee ...

By Neecey

I enjoy my favorite Starbucks Grande Latte with gingerbread syrup but I don’t have it too often, which is a good thing because I have been reading that there are some very good reasons to avoid drinking too much coffee. Like everything, do it to excess and there are repercussions, but there’s no need to suddenly make a vow to give it up completely. It’s just good to know the reasons to avoid drinking too much coffee and then you can decide if you need to cut down.

1 I’m Hearing Things

A study by the University of Melbourne concluded coffee was one of the most popular psychoactive drugs in the world and this is one of the reasons to avoid drinking too much coffee. This study found excess coffee makes you hear things which aren’t there. It isn’t anything sinister like something from Psycho, but it can be annoying to hear White Christmas when you’re trying to do the household budget. The limit is about five cups before you start hearing things.

2 High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is America’s bane and it indirectly causes millions of deaths on a global scale. Coffee actually contributes to this. It’s why you should stop drinking too much coffee because when it begins to stack up with the other blood pressure-inducing things you ingest on a daily basis, you firmly put yourself in the danger zone. A common symptom of high blood pressure is shallow breathing.

3 Irritation and Annoyance

One of the reasons to stop drinking coffee is the irritation factor caffeine introduces. Confront someone in the midst of a caffeine high and you’ll find them irritable. Even the slightest thing can send them into a rage. This happens due to the caffeine restricting oxygen flow to the brain, which causes a change in the decision making process. Instead of thinking about something, your mind just snaps.

4 Addiction

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should stop drinking too much coffee is the addiction aspect. When you stop drinking caffeine it reduces your ability to think, and you often feel worse off for it. And if you can stave off the effects of sleep, you’re going to feel horrible when it eventually comes back again. The only way to get back to these highs is to keep drinking.

5 Coffee Makes You do LESS Work

Many people think coffee drinkers get more done as they can work for longer. This is true, but only in the short-term. In the long-term it doesn’t increase productivity and efficiency in the slightest. It gains a place as one of the reasons to avoid drinking too much coffee as a result of a study by the University of British Columbia. The effects of coffee on 40 rats demonstrated it did nothing to improve the rate of work.

6 Shaky Jake

Have you ever wondered why people shake when they withdraw from a caffeine addiction? It’s not for show, it happens due to increased anxiety. As well as uncontrollable shaking, there’s drowsiness, fatigue, and even full-blown depression to deal with. It’s a reason to stop drinking coffee before it’s too late. If you’ve ever suffered from one of these conditions before, there’s a good chance of it becoming worse than ever before.

7 Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is where your bones begin to deteriorate. Coffee helps stimulate this as coffee drinkers tend to take in less calcium and vitamin D. Think about it like this, if all you are drinking is coffee, you’re probably missing out on healthier drinks filled with the vital minerals and vitamins you need. These results come direct from research by the Oregon State University.

8 Insomnia

It’s normal to have sleeping problems if you’re drinking coffee just before bedtime. In truth, the effect of caffeine on your sleep depends on your body. Some people process caffeine better than others. However quick your metabolism is, it takes 24 hours for caffeine to completely disappear from your system. Your valuable REM sleep (the most restful type) suffers from diminishing returns each time you decide to overdose on your morning cup of Joe.

Now you know, you can ask yourself, “am I drinking too much coffee?”

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