How Essential Oils Can Change Your Life ...


How Essential Oils Can Change Your Life ...
How Essential Oils Can Change Your Life ...

Wondering how essential oils can change your life? After discovering essential oils, I canโ€™t go a day without them. It can help in any area of your life - relaxation, stress, pain, boosting your mood, and so much more. The most typical way to get these oils into your body is a diffuser. All you have to do is keep water and a few drops of your favorite scent (or combination or scents) in your diffuser and youโ€™re set for hours. We inhale these scents through the nose or mouth and itโ€™s sent almost immediately to our brain and limbic system (aka our emotional brain). Interference with these systems changes our breathing, stress levels, and hormones.

The goal is to breathe in the scents most suited for you at the moment. Peppermint is the best cure for a headache, lavender relieves anxiety and improves sleep, chamomile calms an upset stomach, and cinnamon even helps you lose weight! Start filling the room with these scents and in minutes you can see a difference in how youโ€™re feeling. That's an easy answer for how essential oils can change your life.

One of the most recent advances in aromatherapy has been MONQ. Itโ€™s a portable pen with water vapor and oils to breathe in directly through your mouth and out your nose. As a college student, these were a lifesaver for me. I was so caught up in school, yoga, and work, I was never home with my diffuser when I really needed that stress relief. They have over ten different blends such as sexy, zen, and happy. MONQ does all of the blending for you to feel a certain type of way and itโ€™s 100% safe for your body.

Aromatherapy is becoming the new alternative to modern medicine. Using these oils consistently gives you the power to create a new, healthier lifestyle. Start trying out these scents and see for yourself the effect these oils can have. Your body will love you for it!

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