Perfect Way to Prepare Your Body for a Big Night out ...


Perfect Way to Prepare Your Body for a Big Night out ...
Perfect Way to Prepare Your Body for a Big Night out ...

I'm going to tell you how to prepare your body for a big night out. One of the best parts about being an adult is that you can go out on the town whenever you want, with no parental permission needed! The thing is, with no permission needed, it is often that case that big nights out on the town become more frequent as our finances improve and our social circles expand. Though you are out there having lots of fun and creating lots of new memories every weekend, your body might not be so thankful! It is important to make sure that as you get older, you pay attention to your body and help it prepare as best you can for a big night out. It will help to reduce any negative consequences of a night on the town. Here's how to prepare your body for a big night out.

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Green Tea

One of the best answers for how to prepare your body for a big night out is to drink some green tea. Green tea is great for your liver, so if you know you are going to be pushing your limits in terms of drinking, then spend the day drinking as much of the green stuff as possible. It will really help the organ to prepare for a potential onslaught later in the evening!



Just before you are about to head out to meet up with your friends to begin the evening of chaos, make sure that you drink a huge glass of water. Alcohol gets you drunk, but it also dehydrates you incredibly quickly, so this water that you have consumed before beginning your session can go a little way to helping your body stay hydrated for as long as possible. Add a little lemon to the water, because our livers love lemon!


Eat Beforehand

It’s much better if there is food in your stomach before you start drinking rather than scoffing down junk food on the way home after the damage is already done. No matter how many people say that greasy kebabs ease a hangover, it just isn’t true. Eating a healthy dinner before having some drinks is much better, both in terms of your diet and in terms of settling your stomach!


Healthy Fats

Fats help to slow down the rate at which food leaves your stomach, and the more food you have in your stomach, the slower alcohol will be absorbed into your blood. This means that if you eat foods like avocado and salmon, both of which are filled with healthy fats, you are less likely to feel horribly hungover in the morning.


Liver Loving Ingredients

The more things you can do to do make your liver happy before the drinking starts, the better. Ingredients like turmeric, kale, cinnamon, avocado, beetroot, and lemon are all wonderful for supporting the liver.


Pub Snacks

If you don’t have time for dinner and are heading straight to the pub, make sure to order some beneficial snacks that you can eat while drinking. Traditional bar food like olives and nuts are both great sources of vitamin B, which decreases in your body when you drink alcohol.

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