9 Genius Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket for All Ages ...


9 Genius Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket for All Ages ...
9 Genius Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket for All Ages ...

Why focus your easter holiday on all sugar filled candies, when there is a world of possibilities for a healthier easter basket. Stop surrounding every holiday with candy and venture to a healthier side with these great ideas. An easter basket does not have to be sugar laden to be fun. Here are some ideas for a healthier easter basket:

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Stickers are great to fill an Easter basket and even better if they are personalized. So look for stickers with the basket receiver’s name on it. To add some extra fun, put the stickers in pastel easter eggs. This is a great idea for a healthier easter basket!
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Dark Chocolate

You want to have a little chocolate for Easter, right? If you don't want to have all the chemicals and foreign names in your candy treats, stick to plain old dark chocolate. The less complicated the food label, the better. You should always understand what you are eating! And dark chocolate does have antioxidants so it is not a total waste, healthwise.
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Jump Rope

A jump rope is a great filler for an easter basket and it is good for all ages. If this is a basket for an adult, you can even get a weighted jump rope for more resistance. This is a great idea so you can deviate away from filling the basket with gummy worms and other candies and staying healthy!
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SideWalk Chalk

Nothing says Happy Easter like sidewalk chalk when spring is in full session! Both you and your children will be outdoors more often now, enjoying the fresh air. You might as well decorate the driveway with some pastel sidewalk chalk and show your spring fever.
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Chocolate Covered Fruit

If you still want some more sweets in your basket because of tradition and to splurge for the holiday, I totally get it. Why not make some chocolate covered fruit delights? Cut up pineapple, bananas, strawberries and even blueberries, dip in melted dark chocolate and put in a small baggie. If this basket is for your children, you should put a little note on the outside of each bag, right from the Easter bunny.
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Gift Cards

Gift cards are great for people of all ages because you can always get something you would like from the store the card is for. And this is great because you can use this at a later time. To add more health, make the gift card for a fitness store or even for swim lessons. Health is the gift that keeps giving!
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Individually Wrapped Snacks

Put some individually wrapped snacks like pretzels, homemade rice krispie treats and even homemade granola in baggies. This is a great way to have some extra sweets the healthy way and stay away from unhealthy snacks with lists of unknown ingredients.
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Carrot Cake Muffin Mix

product, product, commodity, Instead of all those frosted cookies and cupcakes, whip up some healthy and tasty carrot cake. There's a lot of nutrition in carrots and you can still get your sweet fix at the same time. No matter which basket you're filling, young and old are going to adore this treat.
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Reusable Games

product, product, technology, font, Exercise their minds with some fun little games. These are perfect for kids and give them something fun to do that lasts beyond Easter. Instead of filling them up with calories and sugar, fill them up with new ideas and tons of fun.
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Now that you have some great ideas on how you can make a healthier Easter basket, you can shop with confidence in the decisions you make. So tell me, do you already use any of these healthy Easter basket ideas? Do you have any health tips you would like to share? Wishing you a very healthy and happy Easter this year!

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