7 Tasty Healthy Snacks for Kids ...


7 Tasty  Healthy Snacks for Kids ...
7 Tasty  Healthy Snacks for Kids ...

What was the last thing you saw your child munching on today – chips? A sugary snack? Candy Bars? While I understand that it’s hard for parents to be objective about their children, in some cases, prudent judgment is called for in the interest of the overall health and well-being of the child. Continue to indulge your munchkins in this manner and very soon they will become a part of the national obesity statistics. My advice to you – no need to ban snacks for your kids and no need to compromise on taste either by forcing them to eat food made for dieters and the diabetic. Choose any of these 7 tasty and healthy snacks for kids and inculcate healthy eating habits right from today.

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It’s healthy, it’s tasty, and it comes conveniently packed in a portable cup. Rich in calcium and essential vitamins and minerals, yogurt also has healthy bacteria that facilitate the efficient functioning of the digestive tract. Have it plain or turn it into a tasty dip for crackers, fruits, and vegetables – yogurt is an enjoyable treat in virtually any form.


Trail Mix

There is a wide variety of trail mix available in the market today and as long as you steer clear of the ones that have high amounts of chocolate, sweetened coconut or other forms of high impact sugars, they make for one of the best tasty and healthy snacks for kids. Just a handful or two of trail mix gives your kid the much needed burst of energy he needs during sports hour while also packing in essential nutrition and fiber.



Raisins are a delicious snack for children and a box of raisins packed along with his lunch box will keep him going through the rest of the day like a super-charged jumbo jet. Although they are high in calories, raisins have the vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for a child’s growing body.



As it turns out, children are more enthusiastic about having apple sauce than the actual fruit, and that’s actually fine if you stick with the low-sugar varieties available in the market. To make things a little more interesting for your little one, you may want to spice things up a bit with cinnamon or add raisins and nuts to it. Another great way to serve applesauce is to freeze individual portions and let your kid enjoy it in the form of popsicles. Mmm now that definitely sounds like a healthy and tasty snack for kids!



Yup, popcorn and nope, not the high salt, high butter variety! Packed with fiber and whole grains, popcorn can be a light yet filling snack suitable for any time of the day. If your kids find plain popcorn a bit too bland for their taste, you can add dried herbs, cinnamon or a little bit of Parmesan cheese to it.



There’s no way you can keep fruits off this list of tasty and healthy snacks for kids. They are a powerhouse of nutrients and fiber, tasty as hell and so very convenient to carry around. Make it a point to serve at least one and half bowls of this natural goodness everyday to your kid and when they hanker after variety, make a low-fat yogurt dip to accompany their favorite selection of fruits.



No matter how fussy an eater he may be, I have yet to see a kid refuse smoothies. There’s something absolutely irresistible about them. That said, I am not advertising the commercially produced variety that is high in added sugar and low in virtually every kind of nutrition the body needs. It’s much better to make smoothies at home with fresh fruit like strawberries and bananas, low-fat milk and plain yogurt.

As you can see, making healthier choices when it comes to your kid’s snack preferences isn’t all that difficult. You do have to put some thought into what is making its way into your grocery basket and eventually into your child’s mouth, but it’s not an effort any conscientious parent would grudge their kids. At least, I wouldn’t think so…Now, I’ve made things a little easier for you and told you about 7 tasty and healthy snacks for kids that you can start off with. Are there any more of your own you’d like to add to this list?

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