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Poorly maintained spaces can be a public health problem. In work environments, cleaning and disinfection are essential aspects. They guarantee environmental safety if it is carried out under a well-defined action program, with the appropriate means.

In the case of large surfaces, it takes particular measures to decrease the bacteria's appearance. That is why you need professionals to do the job. Here’s a few reasons from the pros over at CleaningCompany that why you should work with a cleaning professional to disinfect your home and office.

1 A Technological Unit That Works

It is currently essential to have cleaning and disinfection programs. It works to eliminate the bacterial load and the organic and inorganic remains of the spaces to minimize the risk of contamination.

The success of the cleaning system lies in the positive results it provides when compared to unpredictable manual cleaning practices. The team can disinfect surfaces and areas that are difficult to access or have not been effectively sanitized by facility personnel.
The decontamination process consists of 3 phases:

- The first phase is the diffusion phase. In it, the disinfecting solution changes to a light spray format. The spray spreads throughout the room and begins to act on the microorganisms on its surfaces. The team is in charge of programming the system according to the size of the room on which the treatment will be applied. The system automatically calculates the amount of disinfectant that must spray and the diffusion time based on the size of the room.

- The second phase is the one corresponding to the contact time. This time, the spraying interacts with the surface pollutants. The typical contact time is 2 hours.

- The third and final phase consists of aerating the room so that the concentration of disinfectant is reduced to a level sufficient to allow the entry of human beings.

Due to its characteristics and reliability, this system is simple and effective; there are currently more than 1,000 units operating in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

2 Reliable Cleaning Personnel

The professional team reduces the risk in those areas where infection or contamination is higher. For this in mind, the professional can offer:

- A fast and straightforward service that helps you maintain your facilities.
- It is done with very efficient technology.
- Operators specially trained to carry out the cleaning and disinfection process.

The disinfection service guarantees control of the biological risk of surfaces. It also works with the environments in critical areas, eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores. They are specialists in the disinfection of offices and residential houses.

3 High-Quality Detergents for Disinfection

For the correct disinfection, you must trust a trusted brand, and experienced disinfectant factory. The team has chosen only the best disinfection for cleaning and hygiene, both individually and industrially. Everyone should be aware of the guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization issued by the authorities.

Disinfectant detergents that are diluted in water can remove the remains of organic matter and reduce the surface tension. This is because the molecules separate and penetrate more easily the surface to be cleaned. These molecules have a pole that combines well with fats, also called lipophilic, and another pole that mixes with water called hydrophilic.

Disinfectant detergents are designed so that the dirt sticks, with oily particles. These particles take care of attracting the lipophilic poles of the detergent.

It also makes the hydrophilic pole is separated since it is in charge of separating the dirt. These two poles act, together, to quickly drag the dirt in the rinse.

If you want to know what requirements a disinfectant should have, here is some hint.

- Does not cause corrosion
- Make it compatible with detergents
- Odorless or pleasant smelling
- Stable at recommended concentration and dilution
- Able to destroy pathogenic organisms for the conditions that water presents, in the required time.
- It must generate a residual effect that constitutes protection
- Make the acting time fast
- It must be bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and virucidal
- Not be a flammable product
- Does not stain the surface
- Make it easy to remove
- Able to act, regardless of the conditions of use, such as against humidity or changes in temperature.
- A professional disinfectant does not usually foam as detergent does.

These are the criteria you have to keep in mind. Yes, we know that it is a lot. This is where professional cleaning and disinfection team comes in.

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