8 Incredibly Effective Ways to Be Healthier on the Job ...

Ways to Be Healthy are many and varied. It's hard to get healthy when you have to sit at a desk all day, though. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be healthy while you're on the job. It takes a little extra time and dedication, but it's really not that difficult at all. If you find that your sedentary work day is making you unhealthy, or if you have to turn to high calorie snacks or drinks to keep up your energy levels, then these incredibly effective ways to be healthy on the job can definitely help!

1. Get up and Move

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One of the best ways to be healthy at work is to keep moving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator so you can get your blood pumping better. Walk around the office whenever you can – but, of course, don't let it affect your work! Especially if you work from home because, speaking of experience, I sometimes procrastinate during those jaunts around the office!

2. Rest Your Eyes

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I'm not just talking about health in terms of activity, exercise, or eating right. If you spend a lot of time reading or looking at the computer, you have to take care of your eyes, too. Every hour or so, take a break from the computer. Go look at something else, or at absolutely nothing. Keep yourself safe from strain!

3. Change How You Sit

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The way you sit can affect your bones and muscles. One of the easiest ways to be healthy at the office is to find something to elevate your feet. Even if you just rest your feet on a thick phone book, that will be helpful to your legs.

4. Snack Packs

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Pack your own snacks when you go to work! Bring apple slices, carrot sticks, and other snacks that promote energy but don't have a lot of fat. Snacking on greasy chips and fattening snacks can just make you lose energy. If you eat healthy throughout the day, you can avoid that sluggish 2pm slump.

5. Fix Your Posture

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Fixing your posture is another one of the easiest ways to be healthy. Make sure you keep your spine straight. Slouching can lead to serious back and shoulder pain, which in addition to being super painful is just bad for you. Even if you need to place a pillow at the small of your back, work the right posture at work!

6. Stretch a Lot

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Taking time out to stretch can be extremely beneficial as well. Stretch your legs and arms right where you sit. When you get up to take small journeys around the office, take the time to do some more strenuous stretches to keep your blood flowing.

7. Eat

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One of the most important ways to be healthy on the job is to eat right. Eating the right snack foods is essential, but make sure you eat breakfast as well. Don't skip lunch, either. Furthermore, go with healthy choices that, again, will keep your energy up throughout the rest of the day.

8. Leave Work at Work

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Finally, leave your work at work. I know you occasionally have to bring things home, but leave the stress at the office. If you've got a bothersome colleague or a stressful account, don't bring it home with you. Your home is your sanctuary, so don't let work related aggravations invade your space.

There are lots of ways to be healthy while you're at work – no matter where you work. Maybe your job takes you to an office or off-site; maybe you work at home. Wherever you go, you can incorporate lots of ways to be healthy while you work. Try to eat right, be active where you can, and don't rely so much on caffeine and sugar. Do you have any other tips and ways to be healthy at work?

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