7 Interesting Reasons We Eat Other than Hunger ...

Everyone knows that losing weight and staying healthy are difficult things to accomplish however, not a lot of people realize that reasons we eat other than hunger can play a large role in the weight loss process. We all find ourselves, at one point or another, adjusting our belt to the next largest loop and convincing ourselves that we are definitely still hungry for that double fudge chocolate cake. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who nonchalantly creeps to the refrigerator door just to see if there is anything tasty that I can snack on even if I’m not really all that hungry! But learning and paying attention to important reasons we eat other than hunger can be such a life saver during your transformation to becoming a healthier person. Check out some of the most popular culprits and see if any apply to you!

1. Boredom

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So you’re sitting in front of the television watching a boring movie that you’ve seen a thousand times and all you can think is, “you know what would make this better? A big bowl of ice-cream…or maybe pizza…or maybe both!” Sound familiar? It definitely rings a bell for me! Being bored is definitely one of the main reasons we eat other than hunger because you’re trying to fill that boredom with your favorite home made 9-cheese macaroni and cheese! And even though that macaroni might taste amazing, it’s not doing you any good to eat it. In fact it’s doing bad by causing you to overeat! Instead of eating to fill up your free time, try taking up a new hobby. I love to read so whenever I’m feeling bored I pick up my favorite book and focus my mind on something else. Give it a go!

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