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Is Your Cup of Coffee Really Shrinking Your Breasts?

By Lisa

It seems like every day there is a new study out that tells us our favorite foods, drinks, or hobbies are bad for us in one way or another. Apparently, there’s a new Swedish study that found that caffeine could be related to smaller breast size! If there’s one way to instantly ruin my day, it’s telling me that my drink of choice, coffee, is somehow bad for my health.
Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday when there was yet another study that found that drinking coffee was good for us? Well, before you swear off your daily latte, let me give you all the details of the study. Swedish researchers recruited 269 volunteers who came from families with a high risk of breast cancer with half of the participants carrying a gene, CYP1A2*1F, which is associated with breast cancer. The researchers tracked the participants’ lifestyle choices, caffeine intake, and breast size.
The study found that the women who carried the CYP1A2*1F gene and drank 3 or more cups of coffee a day had smaller breasts than women who drank less coffee. Rebel Circus notes that the study also found that caffeine also affects men’s breasts and could actually increase their chest size.
What do you think of this study? Will it influence your intake of coffee?

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