7 Marvelous Things to Know about Functional Medicine ...

Functional medicine is one of my most favorite things to study these days, and I'd like to share some things to know about functional medicine, in case you're not familiar with it yourself. Functional medicine is taking the medical world by storm, being more popular today than ever. Many modern medicine physicians are also starting to practice functional medicine. For instance, one of my favorite doctors, Dr. Mark Hyman, is quite a fan of functional medicine which he practices himself. Other medical professionals also practice functional medicine, which is similar to holistic health in many ways. To learn exactly what functional medicine is, read up on these things to know about functional medicine to give you a good introduction.

1. It Focuses on the Patient, Not a Pill

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One of the first things to know about functional medicine, is that it focuses on the patient, instead of just doling out a prescription. A patient's background, current diet, state of health, current exercise regimen, and current emotional status,etc. are all considered before treatment it given.

2. It Aims to Eliminate Disease, Not Treat It

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Instead of treating a symptom of disease or ailment, functional medicine works with patients to actually eliminate it through natural health and healing. Functional medicine is still science based, but not science driven alone.

3. You Don't Have to Be Sick to Benefit

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Functional medicine is actually useful to everyone, not just people who are sick. Functional medicine is helpful for anything such as stress, weight gain, depression, sadness, loneliness, joint pain and anything else, not just diabetes and heart disease.

4. It Addresses the Direct Cause and Effect

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Patients undergoing treatment through functional medicinal approach will experience a new type of treatment. Functional medicine addresses the actual cause of a disease, ailment or problem, instead of how to treat it through external aids. For example, for a person with depression, instead of an antidepressant being given, practitioners of functional medicine aim to find out what led to the depression to begin with, and how to eliminate the source right from where it started.

5. It's Integrative

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The best thing about functional medicine is it combines both Western based medical practices with holistic and alternative health techniques. This gives patients a complete approach to wellness that provides a larger ability to heal with greater success.

6. Psychological Factors Play a Huge Part

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One of my favorite things about functional medicine is how psychological factors are thought to play a large role in many problems patients face. Psychological and emotional factors are considered to be a large reason disease develops to begin with. I am a firm believer that no one can truly heal unless they heal psychologically as well.

7. It Fills in the Gaps

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Many gaps occur in the modern medical world, such as gaps in years from treatment-based research to current day needs. Many years can span between research findings and current day, which leaves modern medicine practitioners using tactics on patients that aren't up to date with current knowledge. Functional medicine changes this since it takes a direct approach to the patient itself, instead of treating someone based on research that is outdated. This fills in the gaps from the research results from the patients themselves. Functional medicine also addresses topics like nutrition, exercise and wellness that typical medical doctors never even study during medical school, as a way to treat patients naturally.

Functional medicine may be new to you, so I've included a link below you may find helpful if you're interested in learning more. Have you heard of functional medicine?

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