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7 Doctor's Appointments You Need to Make Now ...

By Melissa

Most of us dread making doctor’s appointments. Unfortunately, they are a necessity to healthy living. Going to the doctor’s office doesn’t always mean something is wrong. Sometimes we need to go for an update or just to “check in.” When was the last time you made any doctor’s appointments to check on your health?

1 Pap Smear

This is probably one of the most dreaded women’s doctor’s appointments, but as women, it is important to make sure our girly parts are in fine working order. You should see your gynecologist once a year. If you have ever had a abnormal pap smear result your gyno likely wants to see you every six months.

2 Routine Check-up

Even if you are relatively healthy, you need to see your primary care doctor. This is especially true if it has been over a year since your last visit. Schedule an appointment for an annual check-up. Get any need blood work and tests done, make sure your vaccines are up-to-date and any regular medications are good on refills.


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3 Dermatologist

Skin is the largest organ on your body. It’s no wonder you need to make an appointment to see a special doctor. A dermatologist can answer any questions you have regarding acne, moles, signs of aging and proper sun protection. Even if you don’t currently see any problems with your skin, it is still a good idea to touch base with a dermatologist to see if there is anything different or better you can do for your skin and overall health.

4 Dentist

Raise your hand if you love going to the dentist? Ha! I don’t like it either. Don’t get me wrong I love having clean teeth and hearing from the dentist about how wonderful my pearly whites are looking, but there is always that anxious worry about finding a cavity or needing a root canal that taints the whole dentist visit. You should see your dentist once every six months for a cleaning and have x-rays done every year.

5 Optometrist

The American Optometric Association suggest children see the eye doctor every year. Adults under 40 should go every two to three years and any adult over 40 should not go more than two years between visits to the eye doctor. Of course, if you are having trouble with your eyesight or experience frequent headaches, a visit to the eye doctor is in order.

6 Allergist

Are you an allergy sufferer? I know how horrible a stuffy nose, clogged sinuses, and itchy eyes on a regular basis can feel. That is why I encourage you to schedule an appointment with an allergy specialist. The doctor can help diagnose your allergies and come up with an action plan to relieve your symptoms.

7 Ears Nose Throat

An Ears, nose, and throat doctor, also known as an ENT, can answer any questions about frequent earaches, sore throats, and other related issues. They can also help with hearing issues and nerve damage.

As you can see there are several very important doctor’s appointments that you need to make for your well being and healthy living. It is crucial for you to be your own advocate for your health, make appointments and follow up with doctors as needed. Which of these appointments will you make soon?

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