7 Sunday Rituals You Should Start Now ...


Having a good start to your week can make for an amazing one: cue Sunday rituals. Make what you do on Sunday make your Monday. Below are seven Sunday rituals you should start now.

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Plan Your Week

Have the best week possible by starting some Sunday rituals. The first: plan your week. What will you be doing and what may you need? If those are your plans, when can you fit in your To-Dos? By looking ahead when you have more time, you'll have a smoother week - and much more fun! Say goodbye to last-minute Friday-night ironing for that dinner with your man.


Prep Your Lunches

Food prep not only makes you eat healthier and save more money, it'll also help you avoid those awful "I'm starving!" ravenous moments. Keeping your nosh on throughout the day will make you feel better all week long. You'll probably find that you have more energy and less stress. So shop for and prep the basics you know you'll need.


Wash Your Hair

Okay, I'm sure you wash your hair way more often than just on Sundays. But isn't there something so magical about washing your hair on a Sunday… it feels like you're in the old movies. Since you probably have more time than any weekday, really take your time: use a leave-in conditioner, comb your hair through in the shower, blow dry. After taking some extra time to wash your hair, enjoy your favorite face mask or exfoliating scrub. Go for some lavender if you have some on-hand. You'll feel fresh, new and rejuvenated for Monday!


Then, Pamper Some More

So, as if washing your hair and loving your skin wasn't enough, take some more time to paint your nails, pluck your 'brows, whatever makes you feel most taken care of. And, if all or none of the above, a long bath is the ultimate! Save your mini beauty samples or a new ultra-relaxing lavender body oil for your Sundays!


Laundry Time

Sundays are a great time to do your laundry. Unless it's a Sunday Funday, you're probably home for the longest amount of time, so get 'er done! You'll have the best week knowing that your closet and drawers are full of options. Who knows, if you take a little time to do your laundry and look at each piece as you put it away, you may also get some new outfit ideas in your mind!


Call Home

Sundays are typically a day of relaxing, home and family. It's a great day to call "home." Whether home is your parents and little siblings, or brother across state and grandmother down the street, give it a try. It'll set your week in a great mood to get in touch with your first support system in the first place.



Chances are, you work out throughout the week without a good stretch, or as long of a stretch as you should give yourself. Take Sunday to use a log roller, enjoy some extra long yoga or even just stretch while watching your favorite TV show. Your body will thank you - and you'll feel more prepped for whatever you have planned during the week!

And, most of all, enjoy it. Sunday, after all, is supposed to be relaxing. What other rituals do you like to make time for?

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This list makes me tired just reading it. By the time I'm done doing all these things, I'll be ready for, well, Sunday...lol. Seriously, lots of good practical advice, although wash your hair does sound funny. Also, I try to set aside a little time on Sunday for reflection and spiritual introspection. Sunday is a great day to look back on your week, congratulate yourself for the goals you accomplished, see where you could have done things different or better; and, give your mind and body some quiet time for spiritual refreshment. You can be thankful for the little things that were good and went right over the last six days, and you can consider, for an instance, one thing you can do different or better during the week to come.

Wash ur hair? This one must b a joke!

I wash my hair on Sundays. For African American hair it's very convient.

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