11 Scientifically Proven Ways to Boost Your Energy ...

Chugging down cans or bottles of energy drinks might work for you, but it certainly isn’t one of the best ways to boost your energy. And wouldn’t you feel a lot better knowing you’re not consuming loads of unpronounceable chemicals? The next time you’re flagging, try some of these ways to boost your energy.

1. Take a Power Nap

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If you’re lucky enough to have somewhere you can get comfy, one of the easy ways to boost your energy is to take a quick nap. The operative word is nap! Sleep only for 10-20 as this will give you a boost of energy and not throw off your circadian rhythms.

2. Head into the Great Outdoors

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It doesn’t matter if there’s no green space to walk in, although that would be an ideal choice, just spending 20 minutes outdoors away from your work/chores will make you feel more alive.

3. Adjust Your Posture

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Slouching in your seat only makes a boring task more tedious. It will also make you feel fatigued earlier in the day. You’ll get an instant energy boost just by sitting up straight, with your shoulders back and your lower back slightly arched.

4. Have a Drink

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Have a cup of coffee - but only one! Drink a long glass of ice cold water – a slice of lemon would be a nice extra touch. Or sip a sugar free drink. What you want to avoid is an energy boost followed by a crash caused by sugar or caffeine.

5. Find Time for a Mini Workout

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If you’ve got time to hit the gym for a short session do so. It might sound counter-intuitive to work out when your energy is low, but exercise will get your heart beat racing and will send you back to your desk/task energized and re-motivated. If you can’t get out of the workplace do some stretches. There are plenty of stretches you can do at your desk (even sitting down) or in a small space.

6. Have a Chocolate Treat

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Chocolate has caffeine so can offer you an instant pick up but you’ll also get a boost from the flavonoids it contains. These will improve your mood (which always makes you feel more energetic) and boost your cognitive skills.

7. Watch Cat Videos on YouTube

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How is this one of the ways to boost your energy? Because funny cat videos will make you laugh (if funny cat videos don’t do it for you, find something that tickles your funny bone.) Laughter boosts your energy, elevates your mood and gives stress the elbow.

8. Make the Window Your Best Friend

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Sunlight is one of nature’s most effective energy boosters. This is because environmental factors are big energy cues, playing a huge part in your body’s circadian rhythms (energy grooves). If you can, position your desk near a window. If you don’t get enough natural light consider buying a “daylight” lamp or a light therapy box. Also, when you go to meetings or class, choose a seat close to a window.

9. Eat Some Complex Carbs

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Complex carbs deliver an energy boost by giving you a dose of glucose. Choosing complex carbs for lunch will be food for your brain and make your body feel more energized. There are plenty of options for complex carbs that make delicious lunches. Of course, you could always have them for breakfast and you might not suffer energy dips later in the day.

10. Listen to Some Tunes

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Unfortunately, although this is one of the instant energy boosters, you’ll have to reserve it for days when you’re at home. There’s really no place for workplace karaoke. To get energized, put on your favorite tune, turn up the volume and sing along. Actually, don’t just sing. Belt it out – for the whole song. This requires breath control and you’ll get lots of extra oxygen pumping plus adrenaline will be flowing.

11. Get Social

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No - this doesn’t mean updating your Facebook status. Leave the phone on the desk and ignore your computer screen and take a walk. Visit people in the office (without being disruptive) and catch up on the gossip. The point is to just get away from your desk for a while. Also, always do this at lunchtime and for any breaks you may be allowed to take. You’ll feel more energized for doing so.

Now you know better ways to boost your energy you can leave those energy drinks on the shelves the next time you go grocery shopping. What times of day do you suffer energy dips? Do you think any of these methods will work for you?

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