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Masturbation is Good for You ...

By Neecey

Women do not discuss masturbation nearly as much as men. But we all do it! And if you don’t you should be. And maybe you should be doing it more? There are some jolly good reasons why masturbation should be part of your self-care routine.

1 It Feels Good!

It Feels Good! One of the best reasons to masturbate is, quite simply, because it feels good! Sexual pleasure, whether solo or with a partner, can give you a great boost mood and make you feel much more positive about your own body. Don’t think that your sexual desire has to be put on hold until you can have sex with somebody - give yourself a little treat whenever you want!

2 You Get Less Food Cravings

You Get Less Food Cravings The process of masturbation releases something called oxytocin in your body, and oxytocin levels are responsible for triggering or keeping at bay the emotional food cravings that we so often get. To put it simply, the more you masturbate, the more oxytocin you will have, and the less food cravings you will have to contend with!

3 Your Digestion Will Improve

Your Digestion Will Improve It might be hard to believe, but it has been proven that a regular routine of masturbation can actually help and encourage your digestive system to work more smoothly and without problems. The gut and the mind seem to be inexplicably linked, so a happy, relaxed and pleasured mind can actually help to curb things like bloating.

4 It Will Help Your Sex Life

It Will Help Your Sex Life Studies have been conducted that prove the argument that masturbation can actually add to and improve your sex life. Masturbation releases amounts of testosterone in women, which in turn enhances your overall libido. So by masturbating in between sexual encounters during the week, you are quite literally getting your juices flowing for the ‘big event’!

5 It Soothes Pain

It Soothes Pain If you are on your period or have a headache, then probably the last thing you would want do to is masturbate, but it really can help. The chemicals and hormones that are released as a result of sexual arousal and orgasm have been proven to be really effective in soothing head pain and the sort of pain that is commonly associated with menstrual cramps during your time of the month.

6 You Know What Feels Good

You Know What Feels Good It’s really important to masturbate in order to find out what exactly works for you downstairs. It will help your sex life immensely if you can give some input to your partner about what you want him to do and how he can give you more pleasure. You shouldn’t rely on hoping that he knows exactly what he is doing. It is much harder for women to achieve orgasm than it is for men, so don’t be afraid to give him tips and hints that you have learnt from your own private sessions! I’m sure he’ll appreciate the help too because after all, couples should enjoy there intimacy equally.

7 It’s All about the Endorphins

It’s All about the Endorphins Masturbation releases endorphins in to your body, which are the same hormones that are released when we get that euphoric feeling after exercise. Let’s be honest, if we had the choice between exercising and masturbating, I think the world would see the number of gym memberships drastically decrease!

Women shouldn’t feel embarrassed about masturbation nor should we shy away from discussing it. It’s perfectly natural and as the above shows, it’s good for you too. I’m not going to ask you to share whether you masturbate or how often (but you’re welcome to!) but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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