7 Mistakes Healthy People Make - do You Make Them Too?


7 Mistakes Healthy People Make - do You Make Them Too?
7 Mistakes Healthy People Make - do You Make Them Too?

There are mistakes healthy people make that they are unaware of. You exercise daily, eat healthy and even take a daily multivitamin, so what could you be doing wrong? You feel like you are the picture of health with your daily regimen. Wrong. Most people that appear to be healthy are the people that most often neglect their health in other aspects. I will share with you what I mean in this regard to make sure that you are not a health offender. Here are the mistakes healthy people make most often.

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Have You Gotten a Physical?

Unfortunately, due to demanding schedules, annual physical examinations are usually one of the first things to get forgotten, especially for healthy people. Healthy people feel like a physical examination does not have to be a priority because they know they have great health. But how will you know if you do not have a checkup? Heart disease is the number 2 killer for women and without a physical, how will you diagnose this? This is one of the major mistakes healthy people make that you should make certain to not do!


Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Most healthy people that are in shape fail to know just when to shut off their computer and the treadmill and get some shut eye. I am an offender of this as well, and working on getting more shut eye. Research has linked insufficient amounts of sleep to a greater risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and a weakened immune system. So get some sleep so you will be even healthier!


Do You Limit Sodium Intake?

Most often salt is the most under looked when viewing a food label. Did you know that consuming more than 1500 milligrams per day of sodium can lead to high blood pressure, a condition that can lead to stroke and heart failure? So make sure you read your food label and watch your sodium. And when cooking, avoid adding salt to your meals. To add more flavor to your recipes, add natural flavor like mincing garlic, onion, parsley and oregano.


Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Even healthy people may find comfort in eating sugar laden snacks, but even a small amount is not worth it. Sugary snacks can increase your risk of diabetes as well as other illnesses, so replace the refined sugar with natural sugar and have a piece of fruit!


Are You Overdoing It?

Are you pushing through being lethargic just to get an extra workout in for the day? If you answered yes, you could be overdoing it and would benefit more if you gave your body a day of rest. Rest days are just as important, if not more, to your health as exercise days. So enjoy a day of rest!


Does Organic Make It Healthy?

One major mistake that is made by healthy people is that they assume a product is healthy because it is in the organic section. All products in the organic section of your local grocer are not healthy. In fact there are many products lying on these shelves that are high in sugar. The upside is that these products are without dyes, pesticides and unnecessary chemicals. But make sure you read the food label and never assume any product is healthy!


Are You Eating a Balanced Diet?

Even healthy people may eat similar meals from day to day without stepping outside of their element. Do not ignore the salmon because you never eat this fish. Step outside of your comfort zone and make sure you are eating a balanced diet with lean proteins, vegetables and fruit!

Hope these unveiled mistakes that even healthy people make will help you to make better choices. Are you a healthy person that has made any of these mistakes? If so, you are not alone.

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Thank yea I'm just goin to drink 8 to 10 bottles of water

Number 4! Worst way most people get their sugars is by drinking them! Don't drink your sugar!

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