Moderate These 9 Things to Live a Healthy Life ...

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “everything in moderation” many times in your life. This goes for pretty much everything and all it really means is avoiding excess. Even if you don’t believe in mantras, this is a good one to live by. Here’s the list of top things to take/do/accept in moderation to live a healthy life:

1. Sugar

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Number one on the list of things to do in moderation is, of course, sugar. There are more potential health problems linked to the over consumption of sugar than pretty much anything else. Start moderation slowly, perhaps cutting out soda from your diet or skipping desert three times a week. Your body will thank you!

2. Fast Food

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Another obvious one, but it bears repeating. The vast majority of fast foods are designed for good taste, not good nutrition, so the less you eat the better it will be for your health. Hey, we’re all human, and we all like a good cheeseburger every now and then. The trick is to view these occasions as a rare treat rather than a dietary regular.

3. Electronics

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Limiting your exposure time to electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers is really important, especially late at night close to bed time. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need good, regular sleep, and shutting yourself off from electronic stimulation at night time is a good way to encourage it.

4. Sitting down

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It might sound silly, but humans simply were not designed to stay sedentary for long periods of time. It’s not rocket science that the more you move around, the healthier your body is likely to be, so make an effort to move around during the day if you have an office job, take little walking breaks and ensure your legs get some action!

5. UV Rays

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Sunlight is really important for your health, but on the other hand, too much exposure to ultra violet rays can be really harmful for your skin and also for your eyes if you don’t have the right kind of protective products. Prevent risk of skin cancer with good sunblock and keep your eyes healthy by wearing sunglasses.

6. Chemicals

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Sure, chemical is a super broad term to consider, but it pays to be a little more aware and interested in the ingredients lists on some of your favourite products. Both food and beauty products can contain a whole host of nasty chemicals, so it’s worth investigating and maybe changing your brands.

7. Stress

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Too much stress is one of the key causes for bad health, and it can manifest in both a physical and emotional way. Seek to moderate your stress levels by addressing your problems head on and making a plan for to change things for yourself. It also never hurts to reach out for help when you think you need it.

8. Thinking

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Related to stress is the process of over thinking. Over thinking can lead to restlessness, which in turn can lead to sleepless nights and a general dip in well being and overall health. It sounds silly to advise somebody to ‘stop thinking’, but trying something like meditation can encourage you to think differently, perhaps less chaotically.

9. Physical Exercise

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Whilst regular moderate exercise is one of the very best things you can do to maintain good health, over exercising can have the exact opposite effect on your body. Regularly working out to the point of exhaustion can make you more susceptible to illness, and you will never allow your body time to heal its tired muscles. Keep it moderate!

What things do you think you should personally moderate to make your life better?

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