9 Incredible Natural Remedies for Period Pain ...


9 Incredible Natural Remedies for Period Pain ...
9 Incredible Natural Remedies for Period Pain ...

Have you considered natural remedies for period pain? Unless you are one of the lucky ladies whose period passes every month without cramps or pain (wow what’s that like?) you know of the struggle to find relief and comfort. You might have already tried painkillers – general or specific but here are some natural remedies for period pain you could try. One or more might work for you.

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Chamomile Chamomile is one of the best natural remedies for period pain. It has both antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it will help soothe your cramping muscles and work to ease any bloating or digestive problems that could be contributing to the pain. The best way to ingest chamomile on your period is to simply sip on a cup of chamomile tea. Delicious and soothing!


Sweet Fennel

Sweet Fennel Sweet Fennel is a great natural remedy to partake of daily, as it helps to make the menstrual cycle much more regular. It can reduce the issue of irregular, heavier periods, and it also works to reduce any muscle spasms that could happen and cause uncomfortable period pain.



Magnesium The magnesium that can be found in many different foods is helpful during a period, as it works to smooth and relax muscle tissue, which can prevent painful cramping. In fact, magnesium deficiency has been cited as one of the leading causes of chronic and strong menstrual cramping. High magnesium foods include fish, leafy greens and dark chocolate.


Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh Black Cohosh is a plant that is fantastic for its anti-inflammatory benefits like reducing and soothing muscle spasms. Not only does it ease direct period pain, but it is also effective in reducing the pain that radiates down to the thighs and the lower back.


Vitamin a

Vitamin a Making sure you are ingesting the recommended levels of vitamin A is a good way to fight period pain. It can be obtained through eating things like carrots and cod liver oil, and will help to positively affect your periods by regulating the levels of estrogen in your body.



Ginger Ginger is a brilliant natural remedy to ease both period pain and some of the other uncomfortable side effects of menstruation. With its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can help to sooth the nausea, diarrhea and vomiting that some women experience every month.



Motherwort Motherwort is very effective in reducing uterine based muscle spasms, and also has mild sedative properties that will help to relieve muscle pain and also aid you in getting better sleep if you are experiencing pain during the night. Also, motherwort is known to be an effective stress and anxiety reliever, which can be helpful during menstruation.


Sweet Marjoram

Sweet Marjoram Sweet Marjoram is a great essential oil that can be used to ease many symptoms of classic period pain. It helps to ease all levels of pain, and during your time of the month can be used as part of a hot compress that you can rest on your abdomen to directly ease uncomfortable menstrual cramping.


Omega 6

Omega 6 Omega 6 fatty acids are vital for the female body with regards to the fact that they help to improve the cell structure of our reproductive system, whilst at the same time decreasing the risk of inflammation. It is this inflammation that often causes menstrual cramping, so the Omega 6 found in products like Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Oil is great for arming yourself against pain and cramping.

If you suffer cramps and pain, it’s worth trying various things until you find something that helps. Once a month for up to half your life is a lot of suffering! That means there are plenty of opportunities for you to test lots of remedies. Do you have any suggestions that aren’t included here?

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You could also drink two aleve a week before your period and it should help

Doing yoga really helps

This morning I got my firstday period n feels pain around me hips yeah well its normal for period time and all I can think of is to have a cup of hot tea and I was thinking "camomile" lucky at work I got some "pure camomile~twinnings" haha what a coindence right after I made, came here and read this and number 1 is camomile haha thats cool! :)) I used to have this tea on period time of if I just relaxing watching movies or reading in my spare time. Love having in relaxing time but not when I am rushing. Thanks for this articel! :))

Omg I love eating fennel I'm addicted to it and now I now it helps me too

Along w all these great tips, a heating pad always helps, **LIMIT YOUR CAFFEINE INTAKE PRIOR TO UR PERIOD**

Where can I get some of that motherwort herb?

Studies have also shown doing kegel (pelvic floor exercises) regularly each day or just as the cramps start are very effective. I do them daily and am one of those you mention never get cramps. But used to have prescribed pain control as they were that bad. Now nothing :-)

This is great! I advise women to refer to this when it's that time of the month! Super helpful!

Rub pure primrose oil on your stomach in the morning at nighttime and it does magic you wouldn't believe it but it does but I am intrigued by the fennel seeds great

Personal experiance .. Have papaya before start .. Great remedy

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