7 of the Most Common Allergenic Foods to Avoid ...


7 of the Most Common Allergenic Foods to Avoid ...
7 of the Most Common Allergenic Foods to Avoid ...

If you often find yourself sneezing, coughing, itchy, or reddened after eating, you may be suffering from the effects of common allergenic foods! Most people aren’t even aware that the foods in their everyday diets may be affecting them negatively. It is super essential to pay attention to the reactions of your body, and you’ll know for sure, what it needs and what it doesn’t to stay healthy and properly sustained. The common allergenic foods I have listed here are irritants for many people, and if you find that you just simply cannot cut them out of your diet, remember that moderation is key!

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Milk Milk is one of the leading common allergenic foods. According to mayoclinic.com, there are two parts of milk that trigger allergic reactions. Casein, which is found in the solid part of the milk that curdles, which is called curd. And, Whey, which is found in the liquid part of milk that is left after milk curdles.An allergic reaction occurs because the immune system malfunctions and in response, it releases Histamine among other chemicals, to fight off unwanted antibodies. This is what causes allergic reactions such as: diarrhea, runny nose, itchy eyes, dry throat, rashes, hives, nausea, diarrhea, difficulty breathing and even anaphylactic shock. So, while consuming milk, or products that contain milk components, it is always safe to indulge in moderation. And, make sure you are aware of anyone around you with a milk allergy to avoid unnecessary sickness!



Eggs Egg allergies usually start during childhood and last until adolescence in some, though it is often outgrown in adulthood. Egg allergies have been known to cause symptoms like rashes, hives, nasal inflammation, and vomiting or other digestive problems, according to mayoclinic.com. If you or someone you know gets these symptoms, it may be an egg allergy you’re suffering from. Don’t forget to talk to your physician to get an assessment of your allergic reactions and what you can do to avoid it in the future!



Peanuts Peanut allergies usually yield the worst kind of allergic reactions. Although some minor irritation like a rash, redness or itchiness can occur, often, the allergic reaction is much more severe. Anyone with a peanut allergy that comes into contact with even a teeny amount of peanut can suffer the consequences, which can include life-threatening reactions, like anaphylaxis shock. Peanut allergies occur the most in children and have the ability to worsen as they age. So, if you or your child are allergic, make sure you are aware of the problem so that you are prepared in case of an accident.



Soy Soy comes from the process of fermenting soy beans. You can spot soy as a main food group in vegetarian diets. A soy allergy seems to be very common among children and adults.. It has been known to cause symptoms like hives or itching in the mouth. In rare cases, a soy allergy can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), according to mayoclinic.com. So, try not to consume soy too much if you find these symptoms to be part of your normal reaction!


Tree Nuts

Tree Nuts Tree Nuts are a group that includes: Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts,Walnuts, Pistachios, among others. According to foodallergy.org an allergy to tree nuts tends to be lifelong. It is also the case that if a person is allergic to one type of tree nut, they may also be allergic to others. Symptoms of tree nut allergies vary from mild like: hives, swelling, itchiness, nasal congestion, stomach pain and diarrhea, to more severe like, shortness of breath, turning blue, drop in blood pressure, and chest pains. If you have felt any of these, don’t wait to contact your doctor. Schedule an appointment today!



Wheat Wheat is a big part of many people’s diets. Wheat is found in so many different foods and desserts like cookies,beer, cold cereal, cakes, bread, crackers,pasta and some condiments. As stated on mayoclinic.com “A wheat allergy generates an allergy-causing antibody to proteins found in wheat. But, one particular protein in wheat — gluten — causes an abnormal immune system reaction.” . So if you have experienced any of these symptoms, like swelling, itching or irritation of the mouth or throat, hives, itchy rash or swelling of the skin, nasal congestion, itchy, watery eyes, difficulty breathing,cramps, nausea or vomiting and diarrhea and in rare cases, anaphylaxis, get checked out for the allergy as soon as possible! Also, look for the “gluten-free” labels on products which makes it easier to identify and avoid getting products that’d be harmful to you!



Shellfish Shellfish is an umbrella term for marine animals like shrimp, crabs, squid, octopus, crab and lobster. A shellfish allergy is different from an adverse reaction to toxins or bacteria in your food. Shellfish symptoms include: dizziness/lightheadness, abdominal pain, nausea, vommiting, diahrrea, as well as hives, itching and swelling. If you have felt or experienced any of these, you should definitely contact your doctor to be tested!

These common allergenic foods are often triggered in childhood. Some of these allergies even last into adulthood for some people. In order to be fully prepared in the case of an allergic reaction, people who are susceptible should carry an Epipen, which releases, epinephrine which helps cure symptoms. According to epipen.com, the epipen constricts blood vessels to increase blood pressure, relaxes smooth muscles in the lungs to reduce wheezing and improve breathing, stimulates the heart (increases heart rate) and works to reduce hives and swelling! Such a great tool to have on hand in case of emergencies! Did you know these foods listed were highly allergenic?

Sources: epipen.com , mayoclinic.com, foodallergy.org

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I am allergic to wheat AND nuts! It really sucks But it is possible to get through it!

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