Period do's and Don'ts for Surfing the Crimson Wave Easier ...


Period do's and Don'ts for Surfing the Crimson Wave Easier ...
Period do's and Don'ts for Surfing the Crimson Wave Easier ...

That time of the month is never fun. That's why you need all the help you should get. Thankfully, BuzzFeed has put together a video with a few do's and don'ts about periods for you.

It gives you advice, like to eat more dairy a few days before your period is set to start, because it will reduce your PMS. Meanwhile, you should stay away from alcohol, which can make it worse.

For a few other helpful pieces of advice, watch the video down below:

Now that time of the month won't be as unbearable as usual. What other do's and don'ts do you have for women on their periods?

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"Or you could just curl up in a ball and cry" :))

Disagree with birth control to lessen cramps not a good idea! Exercise is a goods one but it is all about getting to know ur body and do what suits you as in what feels right for your body! Some good tips though.

@peony blue birth control helps with severe cramps, before birth control I used to have severe cramping so bad I couldn't even stand up with out prescription meds. Birth control for cramps improved my quality of life in my period immensely.

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