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53 Pink Things to Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month ...

By Eliza

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so you are no doubt seeing pink things all over the place. By purchasing some of them, you actually contribute to the cause of finding a cure for this scary disease. If you need some inspiration for supporting breast cancer research, have a peek at these pink things. I bet in no time you'll be donating some of your hard earned dollars to end it once and for all.

1 Everything is Better in Pink

Everything is Better in PinkVia Everything is better in Pink ...
If you love pink things, this sign probably rings true, right?

2 Pink Shoes

Pink ShoesVia 22 Vivacious Pink Shoes
Could anything be more fabulous than these pink heels?


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3 Tennis Shoes

Tennis ShoesVia Items similar to Pink & ...
For a pink pair of shoes that's more comfortable, check out these pink tennis shoes with bows.

4 Princess Parking

Princess ParkingVia Pink Things
This would be perfect in a little girl's room.

5 Beautiful Pink Tree Lights

Beautiful Pink Tree LightsVia
This looks like a place I want to go. What about you?

6 Pink Roses

Pink RosesVia Pink Passion
What girl wouldn't a bouquet of these roses?

7 Pink Pencils

Pink PencilsVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy
You'll be the envy of people everywhere with these pink pencils.

8 Cupcake Pink

Cupcake PinkEating a pink cupcake is just so much fun!

9 Winter Coat

Winter CoatVia Elegant Lolita Pink Woolen Dress
Winter might be more appealing if you could wear this coat.

10 Plush Monster

Plush MonsterVia Plush Monster -- Hot Pink ...
If you need a gift for a little girl, this is what you should buy.

11 Neon Pink SHOES

Neon Pink SHOESVia Items similar to Neon Pink ...
Wouldn't these be super fun to wear?

12 Girly Scooter

Girly ScooterVia Europe Photography - Pink Scooter ...
This would be a fun little scooter to ride around town on.

13 Dream House with Car

Dream House with CarVia Lora's vintage style kitchen makeover ...
The owner of this house and car must really love pink.

14 Pink Door

Pink DoorYou don't see pink doors too often, but this is awesome.

15 Pink Filled Cookies

Pink Filled CookiesVia Old Sweetwater Cottage: All Things ...
What a yummy treat these would be.

16 Pink Chandelier

Pink ChandelierVia PINK
This pink chandelier would look awesome in your house.

17 Floating Umbrellas

Floating UmbrellasVia Hell Yeah Pink Things ♥
This would make a great photograph if you happened to stumble across it.

18 Heart Lights

Heart LightsVia The Pink Porch: February 2014
These are super cute. If I had a daughter, there would definitely be one in her room.

19 Old School

Old SchoolVia VINTAGE Bubblegum PINK Desk TELEPHONE ...
Did you ever have one of these? My grandma did but it was avocado green.

20 Pink Swirly Ice Cream Cone

Pink Swirly Ice Cream ConeVia Hell Yeah Pink Things ♥
A delicious treat if I've ever seen one.

21 Cute Locket

Cute LocketVia Pink Box Heart Crystal Openable ...
I love this adorable locket. It has some bling and a fun pink color.

22 Boots

BootsVia Shoes
What little girl wouldn't love to have these boots? I wonder if they come in adult sizes.

23 Pink Glitter Eyeshadow

Pink Glitter EyeshadowI'm not sure I could pull this off, but it sure is fun and sparkly.

24 Pink Kitchen

Pink KitchenVia Pretty in Pink ~ my ...
I want this! Isn't it awesome?

25 Lace Ruffle Tank Top

Lace Ruffle Tank TopVia Shop Western Fashion Tops for ...
I need to add this to my wardrobe right away.

26 Pink Airplane

Pink AirplaneVia This pink thing
I'd love to take a flight in one of these fabulous pink planes.

27 Pink Drinks

Pink DrinksVia Cool stuff
Thank you Starbucks for debuting these awesome pink drinks.

28 Pink Tunic

Pink TunicAnother thing that must belong in any girl's closet.

29 Phone Cover

Phone CoverVia Hell Yeah Pink Things ♥
A phone cover that matches the nail polish? Yes, please!

30 Bracelets

BraceletsVia Hell Yeah Pink Things ♥
A pile of pink bracelets are great for any outfit.

31 Pink Bicycle

Pink BicycleVia
I might take more bike rides if my bike was this cute.

32 Baskets

BasketsI don't know who needs this many baskets, but they are pretty great.

33 Pink Quilted Chanel Handbag

Pink Quilted Chanel HandbagVia Hell Yeah Pink Things ♥
This speaks for itself. Totally awesome!

34 Sunset

SunsetVia Beautiful Places in the world ...
I always love when a sunset turns pink. What about you?

35 Strawberry Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice CreamVia
Do you love strawberry ice cream? It's perfect for a hot summer day.

36 A Pink Wonderland

A Pink WonderlandVia Everyones Secret (My Pink Wonderland)
I don't know where this is, but I'd like to go there. Provided this isn't Photoshopped.

37 Curbside Hydrant

Curbside HydrantVia Pink Hydrant
I've never seen a pink fire hydrant before, but I think I'd like to.

38 Paper Clips

Paper ClipsVia Butterfly bracelet out of paper ...
I love colored paper clips. Pink ones are perfect for any collection.

39 Pink Diamond Ring

Pink Diamond RingVia Shop our Collection of Candy ...
Is this going on your Christmas wish list this year?

40 Pink Starfish

Pink StarfishVia Pink Thing of The Day: ...
I think a trip to the seaside would be great right about now.

41 Cocktails

CocktailsVia Hell Yeah Pink Things ♥
You know a cocktail is dangerous when it is this color. Don't drink too many of these!

42 Balloons Released

Balloons ReleasedVia
What a sight to see, don't you think?

43 PINK Candies

PINK CandiesVia Pink M & M's for ...
You can special order M&Ms in any color you want. Cool, huh?

44 Phone Booths

Phone BoothsVia All Things Pink
I only saw red ones when I was in London, but these are pretty fantastic.

45 Paris, France

Paris, FranceVia Hell Yeah Pink Things ♥
Wouldn't it be cool to see the Eiffel tower lit up in all pink?

46 Fireworks

FireworksVia A Reason to Smile <3 ...
This is an epic way to raise awareness for breast cancer.

47 Hot Pink Camera

Hot Pink CameraVia 14 Mother's Day Gift Ideas ...
You'd never want to put your camera down if it was this color.

48 Ferris Wheel

Ferris WheelVia Items similar to Pink Ferris ...
Make sure you get a picture of your ride on this Ferris wheel.

49 Stationery

Anyone will love getting a note on this paper.

50 Pink Cake

Pink CakeVia Pink cake
Yum, am I right?

51 Car Interior

Car InteriorVia pink things | Tumblr
Would you ever want to get out of this car?

52 Pink House

Pink HouseWho wouldn't smile every time they came home?

53 Pink Wild

Pink WildVia What Inspires: Inside Weddings - ...
Leopard print and pink just go so well together.

What's your favorite thing on this list? Have you been supporting breast cancer awareness this month?

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