Life Changing πŸ’₯ Reasons to do a Social Media πŸ“± Cleanse πŸ—‘ for Girls Who Need to Chill ❄️ ...

There are so many reasons to do a social media cleanse. We may not realize it, but sometimes, a major source of stress for us can be keeping up with our friends, even the ones who aren’t close to us. And we all know that social media is a main way to keep in touch.

So what’s the big deal with simply giving yourself a break? I know, it seems insane to not be on Snapchat every second of the day. However, after a week’s cleanse, you might just feel better than you could ever imagine.

I want you to challenge yourself to a social media cleanse of 7-10 days. The results are amazing. Here are some of the best reasons to do a social media cleanse.

1. Lowered Stress Levels

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One of the main reasons we feel stress is because, quite simply, we never have enough down time. And while we might consider talking to our friends relaxing, sometimes we need to be alone to feel entirely at peace. Limiting stress is one of the best reasons to do a social media cleanse.

2. Increased Me Time

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Sometimes all we need is a little time for ourselves. There’s nothing like putting your phone down and putting on a little TV or reading a book to feel ultimate relaxation.

3. Time to Discover Your Interests

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How can we possibly know ourselves if all day we’re only hearing about other people’s lives? It’s impossible! Saying goodbye to social media for a little while will free up our time and help us find things we are interested in. Maybe you’ll be able to start up a new hobby.

4. Less Stress about Popularity

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Have you ever had a friend ask how many followers you have and you’re afraid to say the number because it’s β€œtoo low?” Being away from it for a while will remind you that there’s more to life than how many people watch your story.

5. You’ll Be Less Addicted when the Cleanse is over

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By going on a social media cleanse, you’ll realize something important - life without it is still great (and possibly better!) By realizing that you can live without social media, you’ll be less addicted to it when you go back. This will help you in the long run when you don’t want to be too attached to social media.

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