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You might eat right, exercise, and be a non-smoker, but if you drink at all, you need to consider some reasons to lay off alcohol for good. Sure, one or two won’t kill you, but there are too many consequences of drinking alcohol that can interfere with a healthy lifestyle. I know we hear that wine is often good for us. In my opinion, wouldn’t it be better to skip the alcohol part and just eat grapes and other fruits high in resveratrol instead? I’m not trying to bash anyone out there who loves wine, but you might want to consider a few reasons to lay off alcohol to really take your health to the next level. You do only live once, but I’m willing to bet life without alcohol might be better than you can imagine.

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Liver Love

One of the main reasons to lay off alcohol is for the sake of your liver. Regardless of some benefits that alcohol may have, no one can deny that it is suicide for your liver. Eliminate alcohol from your diet and give your liver some love! Your liver has a harder time processing alcohol, knowing it is a toxin from the start. It has to work harder and harder every time you drink, which prevents your liver from doing its job efficiently. Your liver’s job is to filter out everyday toxins, but when you drink, your liver will immediately try to eliminate the alcohol first, and put everything else on the backburner. Guess what happens next? You got it! All those toxins get stored as waste in the form of fat. And, that my friends, is why you’ll see “beer belly” from alcohol.


Weight Gain

One of the main side effects of drinking any form of alcohol is weight gain. Even moderate weight gain can come quickly from drinking alcoholic beverages. Lay off the booze and the diet pills and just eat clean food. Sound boring? I don’t know about you, but it just seems simple and easier if you ask me.



Have you seen the price of alcohol lately? Geez! It’s absurd. Do you know what I could buy with that instead of a health crisis to my body? Save your funds for a cute pair of shoes, some healthy produce, or heck, even dark chocolate! Don’t waste your money on booze; it’s like throwing it in the trash, and kissing your finances goodbye.


Bad Skin

Another reason to lay off alcohol is it ruins your skin. Your skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on in your body. Dryness is a sign of dehydration, which alcohol can cause. You might also notice that your eyes seem a little lifeless. Your eyes are actually a wonderful way to tell how healthy your liver is. When they look bright, clear, and shiny, it’s a sign your liver is working well, along with the rest of your body. Bad skin might also show up in the form of acne due to a build up of toxins in the body from alcohol use.



All alcohol can cause major headaches, and not just from a hangover. If you suffer even mild headaches after drinking, this is simply a sign of toxicity in the body. Your body knows alcohol has invaded the body and it sends out reactions through your immune system to put up defenses to get rid of it. You’ll likely have headaches, and might even have a stomachache as a result too. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a waste of energy to me!



I hate to seem like a goody two shoes, but safety is an issue of concern when consuming alcohol. Alcohol can alter the state of the brain that is normally able to make logical decisions. During this process, it’s likely that you’ll be more likely to engage in dangerous behavior to yourself and others when under the influence. Though you might have the best intentions at heart, care about yourself and others to lay off the alcohol.


Low Immunity

Your alcohol intake is also a huge contributor to bad immune system health. You might notice more colds, perhaps even sickness like the flu, or just constantly fighting off the next virus or bug. It’s no coincidence. Because your body has to fight off alcohol, it can’t do its job to protect you. Lay off the booze, and give your immune system a little boost!

I understand that people from all cultures have drunk for years. Many ancient traditions involve the liberal consumption of alcohol, and it’s even a daily indulgence for some. I’m not bashing anyone’s tradition here, just giving you some reasons that you might want to lay off the alcohol. Of course, that’s up to you to decide, but know what you’re getting into with that little glass of wine each night, or few drinks on the weekend. And above all, take care of yourself darlings! Do you drink alcohol?

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I love carta Nevada n pinotN, keep u spirit n laugh Bon appetite !?!

Wow this totally spoke to me. Specially the wine part. My cousin recently gave me a bottle of wine and since I don't like getting drunk I've been drinking a glass of wine each night, I've heard it has benefits for you. But other than that I definitely agree with this article. I've only been drinking it cause it was given to me as a gift and didn't wanna waste it. Is that bad?

I totally agree with every point on here. I'm 20 and at uni, and it's so difficult to say no when your best friends are all moaning that their night out won't be the same etc, and if you do convince them to leave you at home, you hear them all having a ball downstairs and then get all their crazy stories the next day. So I usually go out and get fairly drunk once a week (which is much less than many of my friends) yet I am always reluctant and always regret it in the morning. I can't wait until uni's over and there is not so much of a drink culture.

Everything should be done in moderation. Going out and drinking 4 times a week is a little much!

I got really drunk at a party about half a year ago, I've never been so embarrassed in my life, I've quit ever since. Every time I'm near alcohol I just remember myself collapsing and being an emotional drunk. But I agree with Summer, have just a little for the social part of it, it'll keep you out of trouble :/

I'm 18 years old and I love this post! I hate the effects of alcohol and I don't even like drinking it. You're right, there's no need to break the bank only to damage your health :)

I am proud of people eho do not consume it at all:) I do drink rarely and always in small portions.I do not even see fun in going to parties to get drunk...

I think everything should be taken in small portions, the same argument made for alcohol could apply to so many other foods or drinks as well such as.....French fries! You could deal with issues such as weight gain, bad arteries, weight gain leads to depression and grease is bad on your heart! :) nonetheless I still eat French fries, and drink, but only on occasion. Not every day ;)

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