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7 Reasons to Shower Instead of Bathe ...

By Renee

The debates over reasons to shower versus bathing and vice-versa have been going on since the first shower was taken (but back then the debate was ‘Waterfall vs. Lagoon’). There are as many reasons to shower as there are to bathe. The following list will help you decide what’s right for you!

1 Faster

Taking a shower is intrinsically faster than taking a bath. One of the main reasons to shower instead of bathe is for the timing of it. Instead of waiting for the bath water to get to a warm temperature, filling the bathtub, and then diving in, you can just turn on a tap and walk into your indoor sprinkler system. When you are in a hurry-and who isn’t these days-showering will get you there quicker.

2 Less Water Used

You are an accidental environmentalist. Someone who wants to save the planet from human ruin. While you may have allowed your Audubon Society membership to lapse, the simple action of taking a quicker shower will also be your nod to our beautiful Mother Earth. On average, showers take less water and energy to heat the water than baths do. This saves our precious natural resources without truly causing a huge inconvenience to you!


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3 Cleaner than Bathing?

One of the most contentious points of debate is whether showering is cleaner than bathing. While some say you cannot reach the same areas all over yourself with water the way marinating your bod in a bathtub can, others say you are sitting yourself in a cesspool while bathing. This is one for the doctors and microbiologists to duke out. However, the thought of rinsing all of the dirt off of yourself and sending it down the drain the moment it leaves you seems to make more hygienic sense than scrubbing it off and letting it swim around you for several minutes before it spirals into oblivion.

4 The anti-Pressure Wash (massage Shower Heads)

These days, there are massage shower heads made by the gods. Ones that take every ounce of stress your children, boss, mother-in-law and traffic have given you in a day, and knead it away. Their pulsating Swedish massage beats, gentle rainfall tempos, and something in-between caress your stressed muscles and nerves back to being able to handle it all with one hand tied behind your back. This is something a bath can never offer you.

5 A Space Saver

While baths have their place, especially in a family with small children, the shower allows you to have a ¾ bathroom where you would have only had room for a water closet before. Not only does this up the value of your home, it also saves some major morning fights about bathroom rights.

6 The Hair Issue

When you take a bath, there’s the conundrum about washing your hair. Do you do it in the sink? Take a shower first and wash your hair then bathe, or dunk your hair in the dirty, soapy bath water? To save you from this anxiety and stress, light the candles, put on the relaxing music, dim the lights, and use that shower to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment too.

7 The Economical Force of Showering

Showering not only saves the planet, it also saves your pocket book. While you love the idea of supporting our healthy planet and preserving it natural resources, the thought of keeping more of your hard-earned cash also makes your eyes light up. You will save the cost of the water used to bathe, which exceeds that of a shower on average, and also the cost to heat the bath water. Since more of it is used for a bath than a shower, that shower is part of your new budget.

There are many reasons to love both bathing and showering. In the end, if you are clean, and received (hopefully) a few minutes of alone time in the bathroom, it’s all good. What is your preference?

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