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While we've all heard how important breakfast is, many are finding out when and why it's okay to skip breakfast. As it turns out, you don't have to eat breakfast if you don't want to. I for one am not a breakfast person, and usually have brunch instead. If you're like me, you'll love learning why it's okay to skip breakfast. You can be just as healthy without forcing in a morning meal.

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Leads to Larger Meals

While it may not seem like a benefit, skipping breakfast actually helps you eat a little less by encouraging to you to eat a few large meals. If you're trying to lose weight, this may be one of your top reasons why it's okay to skip breakfast. Many who skip breakfast opt for a few large meals versus multiple small meals throughout the day. You feel fuller and take in fewer calories as a result.


Doesn't Really Affect Your Metabolism

I'd always heard that you needed breakfast to jump-start your metabolism for the day. As it turns out, this isn't the case. Your metabolism works based on the type of calories and how many calories you eat. As long as you're still getting the good calories that you need, you'll be fine without breakfast. It also doesn't matter whether you eat eight meals or two. It all boils down to eating healthy during the meals you do have.


Reduces Carbs

Think about your usual breakfast foods. My personal favorites tend to be pancakes, cereal and oatmeal. The problem with these foods are they're loaded with carbs. Instead of helping boost my metabolism, I'm actually sabotaging it. Skipping common high carb breakfast foods is beneficial to helping you feel and look better. All this time you've been skipping breakfast, you've actually been cutting down on carbs.


Makes You Feel Better in the Morning

If you're like me, forcing in breakfast tends to make my stomach upset. My body simply isn't ready for a meal when I first get up. Making yourself feel bad isn't healthy. Instead, skip the breakfast and drink some juice or coffee for a morning pick me up. When you start to feel hungry, have a meal or a light snack until meal time. You'll notice you feel perkier throughout the day and you might not dread mornings quite as much.


Boosts Fitness

Many people tend to exercise early in the day. However, after burning off a loads of calories, you usually get hungry. Instead of eating breakfast, wait until after your morning workout and have brunch. This gives your body time to calm down and you can replenish what you need without eating two separate meals. Plus, if you eat a big breakfast before exercising, you'll likely feel sluggish.


Lose Weight

If you're not actually hungry in the morning, why eat? If you cut your daily number of meals by one, you're reducing how many calories you take in. This means you lose more weight. However, if you're hungry in the mornings, have breakfast. Don't just skip breakfast to lose a few extra pounds. However, it's a great benefit if you'd prefer to avoid the morning meal altogether.


Avoid Post Meal Tiredness

If you usually have a large breakfast, it might not wake you up. Instead, after an hour or two, you actually feel more tired. Your body's natural response to a large meal is to expend energy on digestion instead of other functions. Skipping breakfast could actually help wake you up more and make you more alert throughout the day. If skipping altogether isn't an option, try a smaller, lighter breakfast for the same benefit.

Breakfast isn't the most important meal of the day anymore. It's only important if you actually want it and you feel that it's beneficial to you. Otherwise, don't force it just to be healthier. Do you prefer to eat or skip breakfast?

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Awful article

So wrong. Breakfast is what sets you up for the entire day.

Lol so much wrong in this.

This is such a bad article.

This is total BS. So many incorrect statements and an all around potentially harmful article.

Who ever wrote this didn't look into facts. Horrible article basically everything in this is wrong. As a figure competitor I would never let anyone I know follow this.

Baaaaad advice. Limiting your calorie intake and not eating enough calories makes your body go into starvation mode and starts storing fat. This is a poorly written article based on opinions, not facts. Should be removed.

This is BS. Eating larger meals vs multiple smaller meals makes you GAIN weight. And calories in do not = calories out. A banana has 110 calories but it is still better for you than a 100 calorie bar

Not eating a meal is not an effective way to lose weight.

This is rather stupid. You're basically encouraging people to skip a meal to lose weight. Ridiculous

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